Friday, April 17, 2015

Make Believe Week Day 5

Today is the last day of our Make Believe Week.  Let me tell you it has been fantastic!!  Tomorrow I will post a full round-up of all these incredible projects, but for now you can see our previous Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.

Now today we have 3 more great bloggers and a little round-up for you.

I love this Master Builder Construction Vest from Kelly from Handmade Boy.   Kelly modeled her vest after Emmet from The Lego Movie.  But the vest could also work for a crossing guard, police man, fireman or even a pirate or cowboy just change the color and embellishments.  Go check out her tutorial using a t-shirt as a base.

Next, Sara from Made by Sara has some fun Princess Props to share.  Check out her blog for tutorials on making a fabric crown with a tulle train and tulle pom pom wand.  If you have a little princess in your life, you'll definitely want to check out her blog!!

Our final blogger is Melissa from Rebel and Malice.  She is sharing this fun Mailbag and Mail Tutorial.  Which is such a great idea.  I really need to make my little ones some "mail".  If you are in the same boat as me, make sure to go check out her post.

We also have one last post here at GYCT.  Check out our roundup of 15 other Make Believe Ideas for your kids.  You'll love them all!!

Thanks to all those great bloggers that participated.  

15 Make Believe Ideas for Kids

Being a kid is the best.  I know when we are little we just want to be grown up.  And then we grow up.  Being grown up is not as fun as being little.  I know there are perks to being an adult.  But honestly, I want my kids to be kids for as long as they can.  So today, we wanted to give you even MORE inspiration for your little ones Make Believe time.  I know you probably have gotten tons already from our blogging friends.  But just in case you need a bit more, check out all the great projects below.

1.  Tool Belt from Make it and Love it.  Perfect for your little man or little miss.  


2.  Dolly Mei Tai from The Crazy Tailor.  A perfect little carrier for any little mommy's and daddy's.

3.  Buzz Lightyear Gloves from Just Another Day in Paradise.  Aren't these amazing?!  My son would totally flip.

4.  Traveling Dollhouse from A Girl with A Glue Gun.  My dear friend has made these before and I keep saying I need one too.  My son and daughter would both love one of these.

5.  Superhero Masks from Cutesy Crafts.  My nephew got some of these for his birthday one year.  Surprising fast and super fun.
6.  Dragon Wings Tutorial from I'm Feeling Crafty.  Speechless.  Totally amazing right!

7.  Felt Crowns from Hellobee.  Fun for parties, dress up or a special events.

8.  Little Blue House from ikatbag.  This would be perfect for our summers.  Play outside but still have a cool place to play.

9.  Cardboard Kitchen from GYCT Designs.  Kids will love pretending and it is a cheap way to make your own kitchen.  Just add a few dishes and some felt food.

10.  Mailbox from ikatbag.  I love this idea.  They can mail letters and deliver them too.

11.  Old McDonald Puppets from Just Another Day in Paradise.  Let me just say.  I totally made these and my kids adore them.

12.  Pillow Fight Sheild from Busily Spinning Momma.  Genius idea.  Everyone needs a pillow but why not make it great for "fights" too.

13.  Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag from It's Always Autumn.  Perfect for stuffed animals or even baby dolls.

14.  Snack Bandolier from Whipstitch.  I love that they can carry their snacks, cars, you could even put barbies or little princess dolls in this.

 15.  TMNT Costumes from GYCT Designs.  Make a costume with shell for your little man and add a tutu for little miss.

Make sure to check out some of our participating bloggers.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Make Believe Week Day 4

Only 2 more days of Make Believe Week.  I have so much enjoyed each of these great projects and all the inspiration they bring.  If you haven't seen our previous days, make sure to check them out
Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3

Now let's see what today's bloggers have in store!!!

Kelly From Just Another Project is sharing her Mix and Match Monster Puppets.  Check out her blog to grab the template and create your own unique monster puppets for your toddler or preschooler.  Your child will love mixing and matching different facial features and puppet shapes.

I am super excited about this Chair Oven Amy from Friends Stitched Together has put together.  This has seriously been on my list to do for like 6 months.  So simple just make a chair cover and add some fun additions to turn it into a play oven for your kids.

Meriel from create 3.5 has a fun Reversible Play Apron over on her blog.  Make it up using laminated cotton for real kitchen play or a young artist's studio or use quilting cotton, twill, denim or corduroy.  This pattern is made with basic rectangles and great for a naptime project.  In an hour or less, your little one can have a choice of two careers from a chef to a nurse, painter, potter.  Whatever you choose!

Image Map

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Make Believe Week Day 3

Day 3 of our Make Believe Week Series.  And let me tell you these bloggers are blowing me out of the water with their creativity and unique projects.  If you've missed anything so far, check out Day 1 and Day 2.  Now, on to today's fun projects!!!

Up first today is Jessica from The Berry Bunch.  She is sharing this awesome Tiger Tail and Ears!  Oh my goodness.  Cuteness overload.  The tail tutorial has snap tabs to attach it to a belt loop or belt.  Pair it with the ears on a covered headband.  Perfect for pretend.

Toya from Made By Toya has these adorable Animal Bonnet patterns for free on her blog.  Check out her post which includes a full tutorial for making the cat with peaked hood and pointed ears and the rabbit with straight front edge and large floppy ears.  Such a great little pattern and easy to customize for your dress up box.

Samantha from Project Destash is also sharing a great little puppet tutorial today.  Check out her blog post on how to make a Mermaid and Triceratops hand puppet.  Kids love playing pretend with puppets and it is a great addition to their toys.  The pattern and a tutorial are on her blog.

Rebecca from Hugs are Fun has this great pattern for Felt Superhero Accessories.  You'll definitely want to go check it out.  She has patterns for wristbands, belt and mask!

Right here at GYCT Designs we are sharing a fun Flower Headband Tutorial.  Perfect for your little one who loves wearing hats and headbands.

Flower Headband for Make Believe Week

Flower Headband for Make Believe Week

Today I wanted to share a fun little headband I made for my Little Miss for Christmas.  Yes, it is another Christmas gift from her Dress Up Box.  But I actually got the inspiration from one of our local girly jewelry stores.  We went along with my little niece to get her ears pierced this summer.  While we were their Little Miss ran around looking and trying on everything.  She put on the cutest little headband with flowers and it was SO cute I almost died.  However, I was not about to spend money on something I knew I could make.  So the Flower Headband was born.

Flower Headband for Make Believe Week

I decided I could make a fun little headband using what I already had at home.  It is perfect for dress up and she LOVES wearing it around the house.

Materials Needed:
Several pieces of colored felt
Hot Glue Gun
Needle and Thread

Step 1
Make your flowers.  

For the first flower, I cut a long rectangle of 2.5" x 7".  Fold it in half with long sides together.  Slice through your fold about half way.  Carefully roll your flower from one end to the other.  I used hot glue to glue the ends together.  You can make them larger or smaller.
Flower Headband for Make Believe Week

The second flower was pretty simple.  Cut out a flower shape.  My shape was about 2" across.  With your scissors, cut a spiral into the center of your flower.  Starting at the end, roll your flower into the center.  This will make a bud with petals like a rose.  Either glue or handstitch around the base of the flower.  The bigger your flower at the start, the larger your flower.
Flower Headband for Make Believe Week

You can also use THIS flower tutorial to make a t-shirt flower and I cut our a few leaves in green felt.  Depending on home many flowers you want on your headband, you can also check out some other flower tutorials on pinterest.

Step 3
Grab your headband and hot glue gun.  Start placing your flowers and leaves in the center of the headband and work your way out.  You may want to angle them different directions for different looks.

Flower Headband for Make Believe Week

Tada!  You are done.  Simple, fun and perfect for your little ones imagination.  My Little Miss usually wears her's around with her fairy wings or in her princess dresses.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Make Believe Week Day 2

Today for Make Believe Week we have some more fun projects and tutorials for you.  If you missed Day 1, go HERE to see all the fun projects.  Now let's check out the fun for today!!

Krista from Bee Quilted Beauties has these super fun Fairy Wings.  I can just see little people across the globe making their own wings.  Pretty sure my Little Miss is going to be obsessing for a bit.

Next, we have Maegen from Mae and K.  She is sharing her shield and sword.  Her almost 4-year-old son is really starting to get into dress up and make believe.  She found him a toy wand for 50 cents at a thrift store and he's constantly turning mommy and daddy into frogs and horses.  Because her son Mack loves his Knight Hoodie so much, she decided he needed a sword and shield to go with it.  Check out her blog and grab the free pattern.

Finally, we have a Free Superhero Cape Pattern and Appliques just for your little superhero right here at GYCT Designs.

Don't forget to come back each day this week for even more fun projects!!!  And check out our other great bloggers participating in this fun week!

FREE Superhero Capes for Make Believe Week

FREE Superhero Capes for Make Believe Week @ GYCT

I hope you've been following along for our Make Believe Week here on the blog.  We have tons of blogger friends participating and some really awesome projects for both girls and boys.  Today I wanted to share my little ones Christmas gifts.  

Several years ago my Mom asked for some fun superhero capes to have at her house.  So I put together the FREE Superhero Cape PATTERN here and Tutorial HERE.  They came out super cute.  But this year for Christmas, I put together a fun Dress Up Box for the Little Miss.  It included all sorts of fun things, including several of the tutorials I have on the blog like the Anna Play Dress, Little Artist Palette, and the Cabbage Patch Clothes.  I knew we needed some of our own Superhero capes.
FREE Superhero Capes for Make Believe Week @ GYCT

First I had to decide on which superhero capes to make.  That was probably the hardest part.  But since our cape pattern is reversible, I knew I could get 4 superheros from just making 2 capes.  We decided on Superman, Batman, Captain America and Spiderman.  And yes, I know they don't all have capes.  But for kids they HAVE to have capes.  Lucky for you, we have a download for the Superhero Symbols just for you!!!
FREE Superhero Capes for Make Believe Week @ GYCT

Materials Needed:
Superhero Cape Pattern and tutorial
Superhero Symbols Printable
Fabric for cape
Felt for applique

Step 1
Cut out your cape pattern and symbols.  Place symbol appliques onto center of one layer of the cape and stitch in place.  Stitch each layer of the symbol separately for the best look.

FREE Superhero Capes for Make Believe Week @ GYCT   FREE Superhero Capes for Make Believe Week @ GYCT

Step 2
Follow printable cape tutorial to create reversible cape and add velcro.
FREE Superhero Capes for Make Believe Week

Step 3
Find the bad guys and GET THEM!!!

FREE Superhero Capes for Make Believe Week @ GYCT  FREE Superhero Capes for Make Believe Week @ GYCT