Saturday, October 25, 2014

Phenomenal Phantoms Softie by Sew Pandi

Hello to GYCT readers, Amanda from Sew Pandi here with a soft and spooky Halloween treat.
Portrait final

When Chelsea of invited me to participate in 31 days of Halloween by doing a themed project, I knew I wanted to do a free plush pattern, so I started thinking of things that I could plushify that were associated with Halloween: Bats, Pumpkins, Black Cats. I came up with several ideas, but they all quickly became more complicated projects than I was wanting to do at this time. Finally an idea settled in my brain as I went to bed, and that was how this pattern came to be.

  phantoms black

Philmore, Philip, and Philomena used to perform with the Philomont Philharmonic, but after some life changing events ;) they became the Phenomenal Phantoms, playing the latest in eerie music. These delightful little ghosts stand 5” tall and make an adorable decoration for your festivities. They are fun and cuddly, so don’t be afraid if you find them tucked into your little one’s bed at night.

  phantoms in light

Materials list

  • Sew Pandi Phenomenal Phantoms Pattern
  • ¼ yard (meter) of polar fleece (a scrap 9" x 16" or 20cm x 40cm also works)
  • Thread to match
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Stuffing
  • Optional: 1/4 cup (60ml) Poly Pellets or glass beads for weighting
  • Colored pencils or markers for coloring the Instruments
You can find the tutorial for making these Phantoms and their instruments over on Sew Pandi Philmore plays the bagpipes, Philomena plays the harp, and Philip plays the glass harmonica which is one of my favorite instruments ever since I first saw it played at a Renaissance fair years ago.

  Phanoms collage with text
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Headband Tutorial from Lulu & Celeste

Hello all you awesome GYCT readers! My name is Ula and I blog over at Lulu & Celeste, I write about sewing and crafting with and for my two little girls. I like to share the small, fun and quick little crafts I make for my girls and make tutorials for those. There are more to come, so stop by. I'm also a contributor over at and sharing tutorials there as well, so stop by there as well and say hi!


As always I had a billion ideas of what I wanted to share with you today but as per usual there's not enough time in the day to everything that needs to get done. So, today I am showing you how to make a cute little felt pumpkin hair headband (or clippie)!

Supplies (to make one headband/clip):

Download the template for free here (or draw your own shape) (Also included is a ghost shape)
1/4 of a sheet orange felt (I prefer the wool blend felt but eco-fi felt is good as well)
scrap pieces of felt in green, white and black
1 shabby flower in yellow, the one pictured is 1.5"
length of FOE (fold over elastic), measure your child's head and subtract an inch
1 alligator clip (for the clip)
fabric glue
thread, scissors, etc

Step One:

Print and cut out the template. Pin the template to the felt and cut out two pumpkin shapes and two stem shapes. Cut out face pieces from black felt. Cut out two circles from white felt that are slightly smaller than the shabby flower, and one slightly smaller than the pumpkin (not pictured). With a washable marker lightly draw the inner lines on one pumpkin shape. 

Step Two:

Place the two stem pieces wrong sides together (WST) and sew around the sides and the top edge of the stem piece. 

Step Three:

For the clip only: Using the pumpkin piece that doesn't have the lines drawn on it, make two small slits about a half an inch apart. Center the slits on the pumpkin piece.

Step Four:

Sandwich the stem between the two pumpkin shapes. Stitch all around the outside edge and then stitch the inner lines.

Step Five:

For the clip only, if making the headband go to Step Six: Glue the face pieces to the front of the pumpkin. Slide the alligator clip through the slits in the back. And there you go! A quick little hairclip for your little girls!

Step Six:

Over lap the ends of the FOE by about half an inch and sew. Glue one felt circle to the back of the shabby flower, add some glue to the back of the felt circle and place over the sewn end of the elastic. Glue the other felt circle on the other side of the elastic sandwiching the elastic between the two circles. Repeat with the pumpkin shape (not pictured).

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Be sure to check out my blog to see some other things I made using the same pumpkin template. Thanks again for having me Chelsea!
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shredder Costume with Knight Hoodie

Shredder Costume with Knight Hoodie by GYCT

This year I asked the little man what he wanted to be for Halloween.  As in the past, we wanted to to family costumes.  So far we have done Nintendo's Mario Cart, Pirates, and Toy Story.  This year he decided we should be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  You can check out the kids costumes and tutorial HERE

Shredder Costume with Knight Hoodie by GYCT

Now since the littles and their cousins are going to be TMNT, Mom and Dad had to be something else.  The Little Man decided that Shredder would be the perfect idea for a costume.  Of course, I, being the one who had to come up with the costume, was a little stumped.  So when I heard that the  Knight Hoodie Pattern was going to be coming out in teen and adult sizes, I knew it would be the place to start.

TMNT1987 Shredder

If you can't remember who or what Shredder looked like, you can see he has lots of spikes.  I knew the  Knight Hoodie Pattern would work well.  Of course, I did have to change a few things.  First, I needed 2 colors of grey sweatshirt fleece:  one light and one dark.

For the spikes on the shoulder, I made a rounded shoulder pad and attached 4 spikes on each side.  I did this instead of adding the Shoulder Armor.

Shredder Costume with Knight Hoodie by GYCT

 On the sleeves, I sliced two sections out of the front of the sleeve and sewed in the spikes there.  I kept the Elbow Plate because I thought it gave it a tough look.

Shredder Costume with Knight Hoodie by GYCT

I also lengthened the hoodie about 8 inches and added a black stripe through the middle just like Shredder's belt.  My husband is tall and skinny so we needed the correct size but extra length.  

Shredder Costume with Knight Hoodie by GYCT

Overall, I love how it turned out.  I even told my husband that perhaps I should be Shredder instead of him.  But he said no because he liked his costume.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10 Fun Halloween Kids Crafts

10 Fun Halloween Kids Crafts at GYCT

If you haven't guessed by now, I love Halloween.  Not the scary, creepy part.  I love the fun, magical and silly part.  So kids crafts are some of my favorite projects during this time of year.  I have shared many of the crafts in years past, but I also wanted to share a few on my to-do list.  Everyone can use a good craft!

Painting Pumpkins - Knot Sew Normal

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ghost Photos Tutorial with Rebekah Sews

Who loves this time of year? I know I do! Nothing beats the smell of fall, the change of colors on the trees, the cooler days. This time of year I try to be especially crafty with all the different holidays just around the bend.

Oh! Before I forget, let be do a quick introduction before I get into my 31 days of Halloween tutorial. I'm Rebekah and blog over at and post over on Facebook too! Now if you follow me you know I love to sew. But you may have also seen that sewing isn't my only passion! Can you guess what the other one is?? Yes photography!!! So I decided that since my family doesn't really celebrate Halloween (although I do like to participate in the blogging world) I would do a little something different and give a little tutorial on how to make a ghost image! Yes you read it right! Just look below:


What is this exactly you ask? Well it is two images (or more) that are almost the same laid on top of one another. The bottom layer is just the background. The top layer is the subject in the background. You then change the opacity on the top layer making it translucent which in turn makes it look like a ghost. Make sense? Don't worry, it will soon.

If you don't have a fancy camera or fancy editing software don't worry. You can still have fun too! You need just a couple basic things. First your camera, a tripod (highly recommended), and of course your subject! You will then need to take a photo of your subject and then another photo of just your background. Don’t move your camera when doing this though! This is why I highly recommend a tripod, because if you take photos of your subject and then without or vice versa you are bound to move the camera a tad and change the perspective. If that happens the photos won't line up perfectly when you layer them. If you don't have a tripod that is ok too. Try your best not to move the camera. A little later you may need to erase around your subject to get the look we are going for. Here are my two photos:


My Subject:

So let's start the tutorial. If you don't have editing software you can download Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 off the internet and get a free 30 day trial. I am not affiliated with this software at all, it is simply what I am used to (I actually use the full Photoshop version however the elements is great to start off with and a little less confusing).

1. Look at your images in Organizer. Pick out the one with the subject and just the background that you like best. Select both by holding down your control button on your keyboard and right clicking both photos. Then click on editor. This will now open them in Photoshop Elements 13.

2. After they open click over to Expert mode. You will need all the tools in this area to create the ghost image.

3. The first photo we are going to work on is the photo with your subject in it. We are now going to click on our rectangle marquee tool.


4. Use that tool by clicking on the photo and drawing a box around your subject that will be a ghost. If you used a tripod and your photos are exact you could select the entire photo.


5. Now click on the Move tool.


6. Using the move tool on the area you put a rectangle or square around earlier press your right click button and hold it down. Now drag that selection to your background photo by dragging it up to the box with the filename of the photo in it. This will make the background photo pop open.


7. Once your selection or subject is on the background photo, you can move it into place with the move tool or using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The arrow keys will help you move by little increments in order to get it lined up just right! 8. At this point you will want to make sure you have the layer window open. If it isn't open simply click on Window at the top and then click on Layers. You will then see a box pop up to the right showing your layers! Cool right?


9. Now comes the fun part. Select the layer with your subject in it in the layer window. Right above that layer you should see a line that says opacity. Currently it will say 100%. Click on that little arrow and you will now see a slide bar pop up. Click on the ball and slide it down. You will now see your subject's opacity change. This is what gives it the ghost look! Feel free to play around with it and make it as transparent as you want! Also you can now crop in closer to your subject if you'd like too as I did!


Easy right?! Just a couple tips: -If you edit your image prior to making it a ghost image, make sure you edit both the subject photo and background photo the same! -If you don't have a tripod and things don't perfectly line up when you change the opacity then you can erase around your subject on the subject layer to get rid of any areas that don't align. Most of the time you will need to erase everything except the subject. -If you want to add any contrast or continue editing your photo, flatten image first and then edit. You will find the option to "flatten image" under the layers heading at the top. -HAVE FUN!! I know I did with my ghost images!! RTC_5590 RTC_5588-3

Thanks for having me! Enjoy whatever holidays you celebrate and continue to be creative. I wonder...will there be lots of ghost sightings soon...

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Unicorn Hoodie from Ruby & Jack Patterns

Hello and happy Fall!  I'm Kelly, designer at Ruby & Jack Patterns, wife of one amazing guy, and mom of three wild and precious little blessings.  I am so excited that I get to be part of Chelsea's 31 Days of Halloween series here at GYCT today!  I'll be sharing a super fast and simple idea for your little girl's Halloween costume or dress up box.  Use these instructions and free printable templates, to create a unicorn or pegasus costume she will LOVE!

If you want to go crazy, you can even make her an "alicorn," which, as my daughter taught me, is a magical horse with wings AND a horn! Your my-little-pony fan is sure to be impressed with both your sewing and your knowledge if you use the word "alicorn." ;)
You'll find links to the FREE printable pattern pieces for horn, ears, and wings, below the tutorial at the bottom of this post.

                                                     Let's get started!

The first item you'll need is store-bought hooded sweatshirt.  (Or you could sew your own hooded jacket, using a pattern such as Ruby & Jack's April Showers Raincoat or GYTC's Denali Jacket.)  NOTE: I inserted a strip of elastic through the casing on the front edge of my hood, so that it fits more securely around the face.  This is something to consider based on the shirt/jacket you choose to work with.  You'll also need a bit more than 1/8 yard each of the following: 3-4 colors of fleece (for mane and tail), felt (for ears and wings), and sparkly stretch dance wear type fabric and stuffing (for horn).  To make the unicorn horn, you'll also need a long "doll-maker's" needle and strong thread such as jeans, embroidery, or button sewing thread.

MANE:  Measure around the top of your hood* from the front down to the neckline.  For the bottom layer of your mane, cut a rectangle of fleece that measures about 5 inches wide, and is the length* of your hood.  Your second hood layer will be 4 inches wide by hood length*. The third layer will be 3 inches wide by hood length*.  (You may use more than three layers if you like.  I'm just using three for the example.)  Center your layers one on top of the other so that all colors show, pin, and sew them to your hood down its back center seam(see vertical dotted line in the picture).  Now, use scissors to cut evenly spaced lines on both sides of each layer.  Cut toward the middle and perpendicular to your center seam (see horizontal lines).  On each cut line, make sure to stop about 1/4 inch from the seam, creating the look of hair.  Shake the shirt gently to fluff up your mane.  You may decide to clip the "hairs" a little shorter at the front so they don't fall into the face when worn.

TAIL:  For the bottom layer, cut a fleece rectangle apx. 4" x 12".  The second layer will be about 4" x 11"; and the third will be 4" x 10".  Angle the bottom corners of each.  Align all 3 layers so the top edges meet and the bottoms taper as shown.  Flip your stack of layers over and upside down.  Lay them on the back of your sweatshirt.  Center your stack toward the bottom, middle point and stitch it down (see horizontal line in picture). After you stitch, start at the free end of your tail strips.  Use scissors to cut even lines almost all the way up, making sure to stop before you reach the seam (see vertical lines).  When you pick up the sweatshirt, the tail will flip down and look like hair.

HORN:  This part is my favorite!  Print and cut the horn pattern piece from your sparkly stretch fabric.  Fold it in half with right sides together.  Sew down the straight edge using a 1/4 inch Seam allowance (see dotted line in picture above).  Turn right side out and stuff.  Take your long, threaded needle and feed it up through the inside of the horn so that the knot stays inside.  Pull your needle out through the horn tip and knot again.  Now Hold the horn tip between your fingers and wrap the thread in a spiral all the way down to the base of the horn.  Pull gently on the tip to keep it straight as you wrap.  Knot your thread at the bottom.  Then, without cutting your thread, turn the bottom edge under 1/4 inch and hand-stitch it to the top of your hood.

EARS and WINGS:  Print the pattern pieces below and use them to cut ears and wings (if desired) from your felt.  Fold each ear in half, position it on the side of your hood, and stitch it down.  Make sure ears are placed in the same spot on both sides.  Position wings on the back of your shirt, and secure them by stitching down the middle. I just made simple white wings for this example.  You can use the small inner wing outline to make a top layer and add extra dimension to your wings if you'd like. 

That's it!  I hope you and your little one have fun with this.  Thanks for checking out my post.  I hope we meet again.  You can visit me at my Facebook page, Etsy shop, and blog!

                                     To print the pattern piece for Ears and Horn, click HERE.
                                         To print the pattern piece for the Wing, click HERE.

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