Saturday, June 24, 2017

Nautical Printables

A couple years ago I had the opportunity to go with some of our church youth to Girls Camp.  It was so much fun and I have such great memories of those fun days.  Our theme was "Get Anchored".  So we did quite a bit of nautical themed crafts and activities.  All our handouts were nautical themed as well.  I figured I should share the love with anyone needing a fun handout.  

Just right click the images below and save to your computer.  I could print about 6 to a page on some cardstock and then laminated for handouts.  We have one handout each day with a little gift.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dance With Fairies for Love of Legends Blog Tour

I was super excited to be invited to join the Love of Legends blog tour. Mostly because I really do love mythical legends like dragons, monsters and fairies.

 I decided on doing a pixie/fairy theme for my Little Miss. I've always loved stories and novels about these creatures. Ever since I was very small. So why not get my little pixie in on the Love.
Pixies and fairies go back hundreds of years. They are known to be tricky and sneaky. But they will help those in need of help if their desires and genuine. They also are known to have tempers. Some legendary pixies and fairies are Puck from Midsummer Nights Dream or Tinker Bell from Peter Pan.

I have to admit, this wasn't an easy project for . My Little Miss LOVES Tinker Bell but not all fairies are equal. So we had to think more in terms of where and what fairies do.

I settled on using this great floral print fabric in my stash. It screams spring but also, looks just like a headpiece a fairy might wear. So that was our inspiration.

For the top, we went with the Rival Raglan. I was going to do a Tinley Tee but when I saw the stretch lace I knew I wanted it for the sleeves. So the Raglan was perfect. We also used our embroidery machine to add the quote "dance with fairies". Because really who doesn't want to do that?
The skirt is a self drafted yoga band skirt. I'll have a tutorial up soon on how to make your own. Super simple and comfy.

And there you have it. Our legendary inspired outfit. Make sure to check out all the other participating bloggers and even join the sewalong.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

GYCT Patterns is turning 2!!!

We are so excited to announce our biggest sale of the year!  GYCT Pattern Designs is having our 2nd Birthday.  That is right, 2 years ago our little blog decided to start selling sewing patterns.  Our first ever children's pattern was the Shortie Nightgown and Bloomers pattern.  Since our opening we have added several children's patterns, a few organizing patterns and loads of free patterns in our GYCT Shop or on Etsy.  

So celebrate with us!!  From March 1st until March 5th get any GYCT pattern for 60% off!!  That is right, 60% off any of our GYCT patterns.  No code needed.  Just visit our website GYCT Shop, or on Etsy. Prices are already marked down!  So go get sewing!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Art Kit Tutorial

Back2School Art Kit by GYCT
Today I wanted to bring home a little project I shared for Whimsical Fabric a few months back.  I love usable projects and organizing. I thought why not make a fun project for all those school and art supplies.  So I am sharing an Art Kit tutorial.

Back2School Art Kit by GYCT
Materials Needed:
3 Contrasting Fabrics - 1/2 yard each  (I used the Sidewalks fabrics from Riley Blake)
40" Ribbon (I used Jumbo Ric-Rac)

Step 1
Cut your 3 contrasting fabrics into 22" x 11" pieces.  

Back2School Art Kit by GYCT

Step 2
Take one of the fabric pieces and fold it in half matching the two long sides.  Place another fabric piece on a flat surface with right side up.  Place the folded piece on top of the flat piece and match the bottom raw edges.
Back2School Art Kit by GYCT

Step 3
Fold the two fabrics into 3 equal sections and press with the iron.  This will help you with placement of the pockets.
Back2School Art Kit by GYCT

Step 4
Using a ruler and marking pen, draw lines at 7" and 14" for the pockets.  On the far left pocket, draw lines ever 1-1.5" to hold pencils or markers.  On the far right pocket, draw a line down the center for 2 smaller pockets.  Now stitch down each of drawn lines, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of each line.
Back2School Art Kit by GYCT

Step 5
Take your ribbon or Ric-Rac and cut 2 pieces that are each 20".

Back2School Art Kit by GYCT

Step 6
Place your two pieces of ribbon and pin them to the side where the pocket and back piece meet.  Next, place the 3rd piece of fabric, with right sides together, over the pocket piece.  Stitch the pieces together, making sure to leave a 3" opening on the short side.
Back2School Art Kit by GYCT

Step 7
Clip your corners.

Back2School Art Kit by GYCT

Step 8
Turn the kit right side out through the opening on the side.  Press.
Back2School Art Kit by GYCT

Step 9
Topstitch around the outside of the art kit.  Also stitch down where the art kit will fold in thirds. 
Back2School Art Kit by GYCT

 Tada!!  You are done.  Now fill it with your little ones favorite art supplies like colored pencils, stickers, small coloring books, scissors, glue or a notepad.

Back2School Art Kit by GYCT

Once you have it all filled, fold it in thirds and tie your ties.  Now your little one is ready to go to school or church.

Back2School Art Kit by GYCT