Monday, July 5, 2010

Menu Planning: Tip of the Day

I went to a Relief Society Activity where they discussed different methods of planning your family meals. I've always done mine for about a two week period. However, that method doesn't seem to be doing to well these days. I've just run out of time to plan so frequently. So in June I decided to plan for the entire month. It wasn't a complete success, but is was better. For July I thought I would try a similar method with a few goals in mind. My goal was to create a menu that had a variety of foods that included more for my grill outdoors as well as using foods we already have stored, frozen or in our garden.

First, I printed a calendar. I printed mine from I love this site! I discovered it when I was the Primary Secretary. It is a LIFESAVER!!! Click here to get the calendar site I used.

I then began cooking through cookbooks as well as through previous menus I've had for past weeks, months and over the course of the year. I also used a website or two to help me brainstorm some new recipes. Here is a link to Woman's Day Magazine. This has a great menu already planned for you. Here is the link for Kraft Foods. They have great recipes for all kinds of cooking and foods. I also looked through my cupboards, pantry and freezer to make sure the majority of my supplies were being taken from my home. What I finally came up with is the menu below.
After sitting down with all my chosen recipes, I created a shopping list for each of the individual weeks.
Once your shopping list is done, just clip your menu, list, and recipes together and put them on your fridge. You've got them all together now and you won't have any problems figuring out what to do for dinner. The hardest part is making sure you go to the grocery store!

Tip of the Day
Keep all your old menus for up to a year. This way you can always go back and see what you planned last year, last month, or last week. It keeps old classics from becoming old news, and new classics from becoming new garbage.

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