Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Office & Craft Room

It's finally finished! Hooray! Of course, there are a few items that I'm going to add to the wall, but they aren't finished yet. So when you see a large space of blank wall, you'll know a picture belongs there.
So this is my "desk" it is a large table that I've just kind of sectioned off. My husband helped me put up the shelves. I just used contact paper on large #10 cans for storage. I also used mason jars and cleaned out tin cans for notions and art supplies. To the left of everything will be a bulletin board, once I get one.

I found this lovely shelf at D.I. for $1. I put so dowels in it to hold all my ribbon.
We found this peg board on Craigs List (great place). I painted it and added the dowels. It is great to have all my thread out and not tangled in a drawer.
I hung a coat rack on the back of the door for my crafting tool kit and my ironing board. So nice.
You've seen this one before! It holds inspiration and ideas. Underneath is my bookshelf that also holds my scrapbooks.
I purchased these to keep my kitchen counter-top from being overwhelmed. They are divided into categories: coupons, bills, and receipts. I can't tell you how much this has helped!!
These I found at the dollar store. I know, cute right! They each hold a different type of craft item. One is for my paints, one is scraps of paper and the other is ribbon. And they fit perfectly on this shelf.
These two pieces of furniture where actually in my bedroom closet I just moved them. The show holder obviously is holding all my fabric.

I just love FABRIC!!!
The drawers hold wrapping paper, bags, bows, and shrink wrap.

This is the opposite side of the room. This is the "office" side. You'll notice the blank wall. I have some photos and frames that we are still working to get on this wall.
The shelf has a few items on it, not much. But I'm sure over time we'll find things to store here.These nice boxes have our bills and other important documents. It is nice to have the room as well as a place near the desk to store these.
Here is our closet. It looks so much better. Much of what was stored in here has gone out to the garage (or will be in the garage once we've found containers to store it.)

These bins now hold my holiday decorations. One drawer a holiday. Christmas and Halloween are stored out in the garage because I have way to many decorations for these two holidays.


  1. Wow - you've been working hard! Your craft room looks like fun, I would totally spend a day in there playing:)