Monday, August 23, 2010

Adventures in Canning

I feel successful! I canned using a pressure cooker for the first time ever. Some of you may say, "Well Whoop De Do" but I am very proud of myself. My Mother-in-Law showed me how and voila! I've got Green Beans!! (You'll have to watch my menu in the next few months to make sure I use them!)
Aren't they just beautiful!!! Loving it!

I think I'll try some more canning. Maybe not with the pressure cooker. Perhaps some jam or fruit. Check Out This Site For Preserving Jams


  1. So proud - they are beautiful:) Canning is intimidating after Sis Cook told us that story of the lady who killed her family with poorly canned beets at Thanksgiving. Lol, do you still remember that? I'm doing spaghetti sauce as soon as the tomatoes are ready - woot!

  2. Camille, I'm so with you! I tell that beet story ALL the time. Hopefully we won't die from Green Beans.

  3. I have tried some canning this year and I love it. I would like to do it more often. Way to go!!!