Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Recipes: Week One

So I was asked if I could post my recipes for my August menu. I thought, duh what a great idea. Why didn't I think of that. So I'll try to post them week by week and give some pictures so you know what it looks like.

I'll start with the week of August 1-7:

French Dip Sandwiches
1lb Deli Roast Beef
1/2 pkg Au Jus
Swiss Cheese
Onions (Optional)

Whisk 1/2 packet of Au Jus with 2 C. simmering water. Cut rolls in half and toast with swiss cheese. Add roast beef to Au Jus for about a minute. Place roast beef on rolls with onions. Serve with fries, tots or chips.

If I have leftover Roast from a Sunday meal, I will use that also for sandwiches.

Stuffed Manicotti (Freezer Style)
6-12 Manicotti Shells
1 C. Cottage Cheese
2 eggs
1/2 C. Mozzarella Cheese
1/4 C. Parmesan Cheese

Combine cottage cheese, eggs, mozzarella, Parmesan, and parsley in a bowl. Stuff uncooked or slightly cooked manicotti shells with mixture. Place in a freezer safe cooking dish (I use disposable foil ones).

To Cook: Remove from freezer. Place in the oven covered for 20-30 minutes at 350 degrees. For the last 5 minutes, remove foil.

1 rack of ribs
1 C. mayonnaise
1/2 C. Honey
4 Tbsp Mustard
BBQ Sauce

Cut rack of ribs in half and place on a sheet of foil. Combine mayonnaise, honey, and mustard in a bowl. Spread mixture over ribs. Fold foil over ribs. Place ribs on the top rack of grill for 3 hours on low heat setting using only 1 burner. After three hours, take ribs out of foil. Place on the grill for 3 minutes on each side. Coat with BBQ sauce and serve.

1 lb cube chicken or beef
1/2 chopped celery
1/2 peas
1 Tbsp Oil

Add oil to a skillet. Heat to medium-high. Add chicken or beef. Saute until cooked through. Take meat out of skillet and add vegetables. Stir fry until tender. Add meat back in with vegetables and saute another 2 minutes. Serve over rice or noodles.

P.S. Sorry there are no pictures. I didn't have my crap together last week!


  1. Hey, thanks for the recipes :) I was wondering if you and/or anyone else is interested in sharing dinner ideas. I love to peek on your calendar and see what you are cooking. Everyone grew up with different types of dinners. I will show you my list of ~100 dinners if you will show me yours :) What do you think??

  2. I like the idea. Maybe we could do a party or something if people are interested.