Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Card Keeping

I got this from my Aunt for my Bridal Shower. It is one of the best gifts I've every received. It is a card keeping box. It separates the cards into categories. So you purchase a handful of cards to place in each category. Now, you don't have to buy something like this. You could always make your own box (see here for how). Then create dividers.

This box also came with a calendar to place important dates to remember. So create a calendar that you can keep inside. I love this because at the beginning of each month you can pull it out and send out those cards without sweating that you forgot someone.

Tip of the Day
Keep cards for all occasions as well as all ages. A three year old doesn't want a card with flowers on it and Grandma doesn't want a card with a dinosaur on it.


  1. Chels your whole home is going to be spotless and I'm still going to sitting in a pile of clutter, lol. Love your tips, you better not abandon us when school starts:)

  2. Great idea. Having kids has made us fall off the bandwagon of sending cards.