Friday, August 20, 2010

Food Storage Fridays: Paper and Plastic

I got started on my Baby Storage. See, baby food! So nice.

This month's Food Storage is Paper and Plastic. Fun! There is a lot here! It depends on how much you use as to how much you need. If you don't use napkins, you don't need them. Or you can just use Paper Towels, etc.

Gallon Bags--3 boxes
Kleenex--12 boxes
Matches--2 boxes
Napkins--3 Pkgs
Paper Towels--50 Rolls
Parchment Paper--3
Plastic Wrap--3
Plates--Set of 100
Quart Bags--3
Sandwich Bags--3
Toilet Paper--200 rolls
Wax Paper--3

1 comment:

  1. I love having a stockpile of stuff. 200 rolls of toliet paper..I had to laugh..not that I should be since I have 3 girls and we know how much of that stuff I'll be going through in a few years.