Monday, August 2, 2010

Menu Planning Monday: August

It worked! My July Menu was a success. Granted there are a few items that we skipped for various reasons, but overall my grocery budget went down and our staying in to eat went up! So August will go the same way.

I sat down to put together my August Menu and realized the summer is almost over. So Sad!! I go back to work after having a LONG maternity leave. I'm excited, but also sad. But that is another story. I sat down with all my calendars and tried to come up with a good menu. My husband goes back to school at the end of the month which means I'll be eating alone so I want some easy recipes. However, I don't want to get bored. So I decided to make Monday's Freezer meal day (because no one likes Monday's), Tuesday's New Recipe Day, and Thursday's Crockpot Day (because I stay later at work and it makes life easier if I don't have to eat late).
Here's my menu:
August 1-7th: French Dip, Manicotti, Ribs, Stir-Fry, Family Camping Trip!!!
August 8-14: Family Dinner, Chimichangas, Rotisserie Chicken, Chef Salad, Royal Round Steak, BLT's, and Chicken Fingers
August 15-21: Crab & Scampi, Muffin Dogs, Goulash, Pizzeria Casserole, Complete Chicken Dinner, Tacos, Hot Dogs
August 22-28: Chicken and Rice, Chicken Diapers, Toscano Soup, Impossible Vegetable Pie, Chicken Parmingiana, Homemade Pizza, Shish-K-Bobs
August 29-30: Meatloaf, Spaghetti and Meatballs

Mmmmm.....I know you might be a little curious about how some of these got on the menu. First, Crab and Scampi!! If you know my husband, this all makes sense. He LOVES crab. So I wait for a good sale (like around Christmas or Valentine's Day etc.), and I stock up. Correction: He usually will stock up for me. As for our Family Camping Trip, I'm not planning food on my menu because I've already planned it with my family and so I don't need to worry about that. My family dinner is the same way. My new recipes to try this month are Ribs (yes I've made them before). This is a grilling recipe that I saw done at a recent grilling class I took. I'm excited to try. Moving on, Rotisserie Chicken, Goulash (my husband suggested this one), and Toscano Soup.

Follow along this month and I'll try to post some recipes as well as how it went. Now I've got to go make my weekly shopping list. Happy Cooking!

Tip of the Day
Make sure to have all of your family, work, school, and church calendars out when you are planning your meals. That way you don't decide to make a 3 course meal on a night that no one will be home. Or you don't use that freezer meal on a day you had plenty of time to cook.

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  1. I'm curious about chicken diapers, I'll admit they sound suspicious:) I'd love to see your recipe! I love planning a month at a time too, it's just smarter, save your calendars for 12 months and you've got an awesome year plan!