Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Closet...Organized

This week my goal was to get my closet organized. As you can see, it is in desperate need of help!!
The top shelves aren't terrible, but they aren't attractive either.
Look at all the clothes and just stuff everywhere. It is a bit embarrassing.

And Now.......

I can see the floor!!!
Look...empty shelves!!!! Recognize anything. Yes that is the box in this post!
And cute boxes that are labeled!! (Same idea as here.)
Isn't it wonderful!!

Tip of the Day
Begin cleaning from the floor up. This way it gives you space to work with. Make sure to always have a bin or trash bag handy. Two is even better. Label one trash and one for donating or for a selling.
I love that I can see the floor again! It is a great feeling.
I got this tie hanger on super sale thankfully. My husband has so many ties and it is difficult to know where to keep them all. This helps.


  1. Great job on the organizing the closet. You just gave me motivation :) Love how you used the cute decorated boxes too!!

  2. If you don't use your suitcases often you can store your off season clothes in there...thats what I do now that the spare rooms are the kids rooms! lol

  3. Congratulations on your clean and organized closet. It looks great! You're entered in the giveaway again.

  4. here. I really need to do this with my closet. We need to had a few shelves. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Your before pic looks like my closet now (after I worked on it for 30 min). My goal is to get it finished up tomorrow (at least so I can step into it and not reach). Thanks for the inspiration.