Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Need Your Helping Keeping a Journal

I seriously stink at keeping a journal. No really. I never even wrote down about having my baby. That is terrible. I justify it by the fact that I make my own photo books or keep a blog. But really, I know I should keep a journal. I used to be so good. I have great journals from High School and College, but nothing since I've been married. So I figured it's about time to get back to the journal.

Why am I telling you this? Because I need your help. How do you keep up on your journals? Leave me a comment, seriously.....I need some great ideas to get me motivated.


  1. So I'm really horrible at writing in my journal. I don't think that I've written in it since Arleigh was born, but what did work for me was that I would pick one day a week that I would write in my journal. If I tried to do it more often it go overwhelming. Good luck!

  2. You know, I actually put my journal in my scripture case and write in it during church. I've been a pretty regular writer since doing this (1.5 years ago). Maybe keep it in your purse and when you're waiting somewhere (doctors, dentist, whatever), pull it out.

  3. I love to journal. :) It is hard sometimes to find something that works for you. I've kept a journal a few different ways.

    One is to write about everything that goes on in our life on a weekly basis. I usually do this kind on Sundays.

    The second is to keep a small journal (one that fits in your bag or purse) and I get it out when I feel like writing. This is usually more creative, has pictures, color, and is just a snapshot of something I thought or noticed that day.

    I think it's best to deside what you want the purpose to be and then find a journal and time that works for you.

    Good luck!