Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February Book List Book

I finished "The Hunger Games" all three books. SO GOOD!! Really, you should read it if you haven't. I even convinced my mom to read them and she loves them. So go out and get them right now!!! For those of you who have read them or took the challenge to read them this past month...take a moment and write us a comment. Tell me your favorite part, your least favorite part, what made you mad, what made you happy. Who your favorite character was. Are you for Gale or Peeta, etc. I'd love to have a discussion. I know my Mom and I talked a lot about it. If you have questions about the book, ask. I'm sure those who read them would love to share. I know it kept me up at nights just thinking about them. So share with us!!!

Okay, moving on.

For my next book, my Mom suggested I read a "happy" book. Since The Hunger Games is a little dark and pretty intense. So I searched around and I've decided on:

The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
The Goose Girl (Books of Bayern)

I've heard it said I should read this book. I've read "The Princess Academy" so I am sure I'll like this one too. Many of you suggested I read it as well. So I'm taking your advice, and reading it. Join me or if you've already read month make sure to come back and comment about it. Happy Reading!!


  1. Another great book that won't disappoint. I was for Peeta in the book but wasn't terribly thrilled with how it all ended. I was hoping for a little more happiness.

  2. SUCH a cute story. After The Goose Girl, you should read Austenland by the same author.

  3. Loved hunger games! wow! Favorite part....."you love me real or not real!"

    So, funny I was looking for a new book to read and this was the one suggested to me also! So, I will join you in the reading adventure!