Monday, March 14, 2011

Circus Dinnertime Dilemma Party!

So I got all of this in my package from Kraft a week or so ago to throw my Dinnertime Dilemma Party. I invited about 10 different friends and families to come enjoy the fun. I decided to combine my Philly Party with my son's 1st Birthday Party.
I decided on a Circus Theme for the party and it fit right in with the Philly Party. I don't know about you, but dinnertime can certainly be a circus at my house.
I made little bags for each family to take home that had coupons, recipes and a wooden spoon.
Each of the children also got their own hat and goodie bag full of toys and treats and a place to put their piñata candy.
Deciding on the food was the hardest. These are the 4 cooking cremes I had to choose from and I had many recipes to choose from as well.

We had a LOT of food. I decided to use the Philly Cooking Creme to make Baked Penne (I'll add the recipe later this week), Creamy Shrimp Scampi, and Enchiladas. Yum!! We also had corn dogs for the little ones.
Then tons of junk food! Chips and salsa, popcorn, cookies, cupcakes, animal crackers....

.....soda, chocolate covered strawberries, pixie sticks. You name it, we had it!
I also made a 4 sided beanbag toss. I'll put up some better pictures later this week. It was also a hit. The children and adults loved it.
Here is my little guy hitting that piñata. Check out how to make your own grocery bag Piñata HERE. I didn't spend one sent on it. And it took forever to break. I would say 10 layers may be a few too many.
This is the little mans Elephant cake. It is my husband's family tradition to give an elephant cake on the first birthday.
And there he is! Enjoying his lovely cake!

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  1. What a party animal you are!! Love the cake, what a handsome little man!!