Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Duck Easter Bucket

First off, Thanks to A Thrifty Mom for posting my Elephant Pinata Tutorial. Very exciting. Check out the tutorial Here. Now, on to our next turtorial....

As many of you know, it is Spring Break. So I like to not only re-evaluate but also get some fun things done. So the little man needed an Easter Bucket. He was only about 5 weeks old last year. So I saw this very cute bucket at Sun Scholars.

It was a bunny though. I can just hear my husband say

"Boys don't carry bunnies, they carry Ducks."

So this IS NOT a bunny basket.....ours is a duck!

So I thought I'd take the tutorial from this site and create my own with a duck instead. I've even put together a FREE PRINTABLE at the end of the blog for those of you who would like it. Just promise to post back your adorable buckets!!!

I'm going to spare you most of the details because you can find the tutorial at this site.
But you'll need to cut wings, feet, a tail and a beak in fabric and in interfacing.
Iron on the interfacing to one side.
Sew the pieces together and then top stitch them together.
Pin them to your top layer. I did fleece because I had some leftover and it is a duck after all.
Sew them down.
Then sew down your handle. (I forgot that the first time around.) Now this is where I skip like 5 steps. Again check out the tutorial.
Now before you put the bottom on, include your tail.
Pin him in tight and then sew down your bottom. Make sure to finish out all your steps.
Voila! Isn't that wonderful!! I can't believe how cute it turned out!!!
Cutest tail EVER!!
Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen??
Have fun sewing! Make sure you come back and post your wonderful buckets!

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  1. I have a old year old boy and have been wanting to make him something special for Easter. Thanks for posting.