Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break Tune-UP: Organizing my Work

Okay, so I'll admit, this has probably been the hardest of my goals to accomplish. I'm not making excuses, but frankly, I am a wife, mother, and full time teacher. It has not been easy.
I did get my home office/craft room/sewing area all put together. But keeping it clean and organized is not the easiest task. I did work to get my bedroom closet and pantry organized. And my goal for today was to reorganize both of these areas. They could really use some help. It is like the are crying out to me "Clean Me! Oh, pretty please". I have to admit it has been fun inventing new ways to store items and organize my space.

My household inventory is "finished" just not typed and published yet. I put the laundry from this weekend (and last weekend...hehehe) away yesterday. We all know how I feel about laundry. (Seriously, I'd like to just throw myself on the floor and say "I don't wanna do my laundry!!") If you have any great ideas on ORGANIZING LAUNDRY please send them my way. I really could use some major advise. Some days I really wish I lived with the Jetson's.
I mean come on, all they had to do was get up in the morning and step onto a conveyor belt and they were showered and clothed. I guarantee they never had to wash or fold laundry. Someone please invent the 3 in 1 Laundry machine! It washes, it drys and it FOLDS all your laundry. I would totally bow down to the person who invented that one!!! I truly hate laundry that much. Argh......Okay, I'm done now. Stay tuned for more Spring Break Tune-UP.

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