Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break Tune-UP

I thought for my Spring Break this year I'd take a look at my goals for this blog and see where I'm standing. I have to admit, I've done better than I thought. But I've only got about 75 days until my 1st Blogoversary and I've got a few things to really tackle. So this week I'll be facing the good, the bad, and a few of the ugly from my goals. Where am I really?!?

Take some time and reevaluate with me. Where are you at on this as well? What goals did you set for yourself over the past year? Are you meeting them? I'm sure it will be great to see if YOU'VE GOT YOUR CRAP TOGETHER. Or if, like me, you've got a few places to work on.

Get ready....It's going to be quite a week!

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