Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blogoversary Check-up

Can you believe it has been an entire year since I started Get Your Crap Together!! I know it is crazy!!!!!! Do I feel like I've really gotten my crap together? Yes and No. I still have a ways to go but I have accomplished a lot! I should take pride in that. So what have a accomplished?

Time Management:
Create a family calendar ***Done
Have a personal daily planner (I have one, I just need to use it more)***Done (i've been pretty good at this one)
Schedule in LAUNDRY (Okay....still not my favorite)

Organize our office space and my sewing/craft area ***DONE (Now if only it would stay that way!!)
Organize our closet (***DONE) and our pantry (***DONE)
Create a Household Inventory list in case of fire (****Almost DONE)
DO THE LAUNDRY (see above)
Put everything back when I'm done and train the family to do the same (a work in progress)
Finish husbands scrapbook (My goal for the summer)

Create a budget that is realistic and stick to it (working)
Sit down as a family and discuss long term and short term goals including vacations, large purchases, and fun activities (working)

Food and Health:
Create a monthly/weekly menu of healthy, nutritious meals; make freezer meals regularly ***DONE
Exercise at least 3-4 times a week ***Not doing terrible
Floss ***Um...No

Finish the books I've started before starting another (thus the reason I'm still reading the same book)
Take time to read to/with family ***Done--but never really

Weed flower beds at least once every two weeks ***so far so good

Attend church as a family regularly ***Done--but keep going
FHE!! (Nope)
Read from the scriptures daily (Okay)
Pray as a family and on my own (Good)

Find time to serve others ***I would like to try doing something once a month

Okay, so I'm not perfect, or even Mary Poppins (you know practically perfect in every way). But I'm trying.

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  1. Another idea for FHE is to do your lesson out of the nursery manual. They are nice and short and are geared toward little kids. And they are already planned out with a song and usually a coloring page if you want.