Friday, June 17, 2011

File Folder Friday: Bees and How to Put on a Pocket

So for the summer, Friday's will be File Folder Friday's! I will post a new file folder I have completed and where I found it or got the idea from. That way you can start your own collection, or donate them to charity or even to your child's classroom teacher. Enjoy!

Buzzing Bees

I colored my bees to make this a color matching game. Plus they are just way cute. I made my folder for charity. I was not to use any words of any kind. So I chose to just color my bees.

Adding a Pocket

A few people have left some great comments and great sites. Thank you! My dear friend Annie asked a great question about putting pockets on my folders. YES I have pockets. So I just glue down 3 sides of a piece of paper on the back of my folder. And I leave it alone and let it be laminated with the entire folder. Then I take my Exacto Knife and slice to top back open after laminating. In some cases, I've added a piece of velcro to the inside of the pocket so items won't fall out. I hope that helps. And it totally works!!

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