Friday, June 3, 2011

File Folder Friday: The beginning & Noah's Ark

So I decided to make some File Folder Games for my little guy as he is becoming very active at church. I also wanted to make some so I could donate them to charity. So why not do them both at the same time for my blog! See, sometimes I do think clearly!! So for the summer, Friday's will be File Folder Friday's! I will post a new file folder I have completed and where I found it or got the idea from. That way you can start your own collection, or donate them to charity or even to your child's classroom teacher. Enjoy!

Noah's Ark

I found this from It is so cute! You can print it in black & white or in color. I wanted to color my own, so I printed in black & white.


  1. That's funny I was going to make too. Heres a few websites I found...

    They have some good ideas. Hope this helps!

  2. Another website for free games is