Thursday, June 23, 2011

July 4th Baby Outfit

My husbands family always spends the 4th of July together. We all go to a parade and have a big picnic. Then go play in a pool or play football and have a BBQ. Afterwards, we all go to a huge fireworks celebration in their small town. It is exactly what everyone should do on the 4th of July. I've always wanted to make cute outfits for me kids for the 4th. But when you've only got one and he's a boy..."cute" is not really what you want. But this year, I decided to make him a cute t-shirt using freezer paper. I also had some fun 4th of July fabric leftover from another craft so I made him some matching shorts! And I can safely say he will look handsomely "cute".

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Want to know how to use freezer paper to make your own shirts? Check it out here and I am Momma.

I also decided to make this very cute hat to go along with it. Just wasn't sure I'd have time. But here it is! I used a free online McCall pattern. Check it out HERE.
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  1. Super Cute!!! That is what we should have done while you were here. I just need your creativity!!