Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Football Season is Upon Us....

If you don't know my husband, let me fill you in. He LOVES college football. Not like most people. They watch football. They "love" this team or that team. They "hate" others. No, not my husband. He LIVES for college football. No I take that back, he is ADDICTED to college football. In the off season, he watches DVR recordings of games played in the past. He watches the calendar from February until September waiting for the season to start. He records all of the ESPN College Football Lives just so he knows what is happening in the on and off season. It doesn't matter if his team isn't playing this weekend, he's still watching all the other teams. He gets online and comments on ESPN or chews people out for not agreeing with who the best team is or coach or player or school or whatever. When football season starts I become a bit of a widow. I'm not complaining...at least he has a hobby!

That all being said, my husband has been a fan of Boise State since childhood. So naturally, our son was born a BSU fan. You might say he has been born and breed for this team. He will hear for the rest of his life how someday he'll play for BSU. That he'll be a Bronco. So naturally when I saw this shirt the other day I had to buy it for him. Yes, you might say that I am fostering the addiction, but I couldn't help it. You know!

But you can't just have a shirt and no shoes! So I thought, why not make some shoes to go with it. Aren't they Soooooo Cute! Love them!
Want the pattern? I found it at Home Spun Threads check it out Here.


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