Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Guest Post "For Whom the Bell Told"

Happy 31 Days of Halloween! Today our Guest Blogger is Katie from "For Whom the Bell Told"! Her blog is hilarious and about the wonders of motherhood and crafting. You should go check it out. Hope you enjoy!

Hey Friends!

I'm completely ignoring the fact that I've never met any of you before but feel that we're kindred spirits between Halloween and crap, we have a lot in common.

Thanks Chelsea for having me over. You're pretty talented.

Anyway, I'm Katie from over at For Whom the Bell Told. I love nap time, antiques, fatty molding, Rice Krispie Treats, DIY, vintage kitchen scales, when my husband says 'yes' to a project idea, summer nights, and being right.

I'm one of those people that goes to a boutique or craft show, not to buy anything, but to get new ideas and to say to myself 'Self, I bet you could make that' and then go home and try it.

This next craft is case in point.

You'll need:
Fall-ish looking paper
Brass paper fasteners
About 20 min.
First you're going to tear your strips. I did mine about 3/4 inch thick. I used the metal side of the ruler and just tore the paper against that.

About this time your baby will wake up.
You will try to ignore him, because you're crafting, for Pete's sake.
Then you will have guilt.
You will go get the baby and quickly feed him.
And then put him on the floor next to you so you can finish the project.
He will cry.
You will give him his sister's toys.
She will cry.
You will pretend you are hard of hearing and focus on the task at hand.
Because you are a finisher, people.

After you tear five strips, cut them in half.
Put a fastener on each end of of the paper making a nice little stack.

You'll want to wiggle the fastener around so it's not too tight around the paper.

Fan the paper our to make a sphere. Adjust till you're satisfied.

Tighten fasteners.
Tear another strip of paper, I did a yellowy-orange color, about 1 1/4 inch thick and about 4 inches long, for the stem, roll into a little tube thingy.

Please note, not that this happened to me, I've just heard...if your stem is too heavy, i.e. you use too much paper, it will weigh your sphere down and you will have a nice pumpkin pancake.

Glue stem on top of sphere around the brad fastener.

Find a bit of twine to make a cute little bow.

Pat yourself on the back for being so crafty.

Wait for husband to come home and notice.


One note, you'll have a brad on the bottom of the sphere so it won't sit flat. Possible solutions: make a little donut for the sphere to sit on, hang the pumpkin, put it on something. I used an old zinc canning lid for mine to sit on.

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