Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Guest Post "Domestic Deadline"

Today we have a Guest Post by Emily @ Domestic Deadline! And I'll say it sure is cute!!! Thanks Emily!!

Hello lovely ghosts and ghouls! I'm Emily from Domestic Deadline and I'm so excited to be here today. When Chelsea asked me to join her 31 Days of Halloween, I was definitely excited, I love Halloween. It's such a fun time to decorate, be goofy, eat yummy treats, and of course make fun crafts. Since I was Stashbusting in September, I had to come up with a Halloween project using only what I had on hand. My house is pretty small, so I've also been doing my best to come up with decorations that are multifunctional, and re-purposing is always another bonus in my book...

Jack O'Lantern Storage Bucket

I don't have a cat, but one of my neighbors does. I keep grabbing these kitty litter buckets when they are ready to toss them, they just always seem so functional and I can't bear to think of them ending up in landfills.

The orange lids just kept screaming pumpkin to me. Good thing I already had orange spray paint on hand! Give it a few coats; get it good and orange.

While it dries, grab the rest of your gear: Scissors, vinyl, glue gun, green pipe cleaners, small empty plastic bottle (mine is a medicine bottle) and a pen or pencil.

Wrap a few pipe cleaners around the empty bottle and twist in place, to make the "stem."

Now curl them around a pen or pencil; "stem and vines."

Hot glue (or other glue) onto the center of the lid. I went with hot glue because, quite frankly, I will most likely remove this part, fill the bucket with fall decorations and pop the lid back on when it's time to move into Christmas decorations. Next year I can glue it back on, it will just be easier to store it away without the "stem."

Next up, the face! I considered paint or sharpie markers and decided to go with vinyl... maybe next year he'll have a different face! I drew my face parts onto the back side of the vinyl and then cut them out with regular scissors. Pretty quick and easy.

Apply to the front per package directions and you're ready to go!

I think he looks makes a pretty good decoration on my front step! He's currently corralling the kids chalk and a few small toys that are still getting used outside. Pretty soon I'm sure he'll have umbrellas inside and may even hold the treats on Trick or Treat night.

Hmmm, since September Stashbusting is over, I'm aloud to buy supplies... I'm thinking a can of green spray paint may be in my future... this one is making me think of Frankenstein! While I'm at it, I think I'll need to make a snowman one to hold the snow salt that will be hanging out on my front step in just a few weeks. The wheels are turning...

Peace be with you,


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