Monday, December 19, 2011

Back Sack Tutorial

So every year for like 6 years I've been making these darn back sacks. Why? Because my students like them. So I figured this year, I might as well share the wealth and give a little tutorial so now YOU can make your own.

(Plus, they are great gifts...just wait until my niece and nephews open their gifts on Christmas...Love it! And it takes basically scrap fabric.)

You'll Need:
2 --17" x 14" (Bag front & Back)
1-- 9" x 14" (Pocket)
2-- 20-25" straps
Matching Thread

Take pocket piece and turn down 1/4".
Turn down again 1/4".
Sew across

Place pocket onto front bag piece and sew down the middle.

Now sew the remain 3 sides down.

It will look something like this when you are done!

Now, put your front and back piece right sides together.
Measure down from the top side and mark at 2" & 3". (I tried to show it in the picture above. The spots are marked with pencil.) You'll sew your stitches to the 2" line then stop and pick back up at the 3" line. You want a "gap" in your fabric between.

Now, cut on your pencil lines to but not through your stitching.
WARNING: If you cut through your stitching you'll have a real nice BIG hole at the very end.

Take these flaps and sew them down. Illustrated above.
(My students hate this part and it can be difficult to explain, hopefully the picture helps. If not, sorry....)

Next, fold the top down 1/4" and sew.

Take your strap from the right corner and put it in the left corner "gap".
Take your strap from the left corner and put it in the right corner "gap".

Fold your top edge over your straps so it is 1-1/2" wide. Sew this down.

Take each strap and pin and sew it to the RIGHT side of the BACK of the bag.
This just helps with strength.
Then turn your bag inside out and...

Sew across the bottom at 1/2".
Tada!!!! You're done!

A lovely back sack....

For any occasion...

Great for holding toys....

or diapers....

or books.....

or well, candy cane boxes =)
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