Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Allow Me To Introduce....

Have I ever mentioned I have the greatest husband in the world?
Well I do.
I know what you're thinking..."mine is better". NO! You would be lying. Mine is the greatest.
Does your husband mow the lawn without being asked?
Does he gladly bathe and change poopy bottoms?
Does he clean up your breakfast dishes because you made breakfast and fed him?
Does he refrain from rolling his eyes even though he knows you really don't need that new book or ebook, but you're going to buy it anyway?
Will he watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead of his football or hockey game just because your little one handed him the remote and said "bickey"?
See...I told you he is the GREATEST!
So when this arrived I was very excited.

Can you guess yet what it is?

Introducing...(drum roll please)....


That is right, my amazing husband bought me a New-to-ME sewing machine.
I've been BEGGING for a long time!
I'm mean come on, I do teach sewing and my Walmart machine just wasn't cutting it.
I wanted a machine you could throw across the room and it wouldn't break.
You know, the kind your Grandma had.
And if you know my husband you know that he researched and researched and went online to like a million places until he found exactly what he was looking for.
Which would have taken weeks and weeks!
Isn't she beautiful!!!

Thanks Love!

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  1. Yipee to a great sewing machine. And YES..I do have one of those husbands. Love hearing about other women that have the same experience as me!

  2. I can't believe you got a Bernina! So, so, so jealous. However, yay for you!

  3. He is the greatest!!! I love that machine- I guess it has lots of memories with it for me, but you will create so many of your own. Excited to see what you sew!