Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Goals for a New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I thought since it is a New Year that I would look at my goals for this blog and for myself and see how I'm doing.

Time Management:
Create a family calendar ***Done
Have a personal daily planner (I have one, I just need to use it more)***Done (i've been pretty good at this one)
Schedule in LAUNDRY (Okay....still not my favorite)****Working on this one. My husband has been great at helping get the laundry done and put away!!

Organize our office space and my sewing/craft area ***DONE (Now if only it would stay that way!!)
Organize our closet (***DONE) and our pantry (***DONE)
Create a Household Inventory list in case of fire (****Almost DONE)
DO THE LAUNDRY (see above)***Again work in progress
Put everything back when I'm done and train the family to do the same (a work in progress)
Finish husbands scrapbook ***Summer Please

Create a budget that is realistic and stick to it ***This will be changing a bit, so that will be good to work on even more!
Sit down as a family and discuss long term and short term goals including vacations, large purchases, and fun activities (working)

Food and Health:
Create a monthly/weekly menu of healthy, nutritious meals; make freezer meals regularly ***DONE
Exercise at least 3-4 times a week ***DOING TERRIBLE! Need to start again!
Floss ***Um...No

Finish the books I've started before starting another ***Got a Kindle...LOVE IT!
Take time to read to/with family ***Do it LOTS

Weed flower beds at least once every two weeks ***WINTER...hooray!

Attend church as a family regularly ***Done--but keep going
FHE!! (Nope)
Read from the scriptures daily (Okay)
Pray as a family and on my own (Good)

Find time to serve others ***I would like to try doing something once a month

This year I plan to blog on Tuesday and Thursday of the week. Occasionally I might do more. So if you haven't signed up already to receive emails, click on the sidebar. You'll get them the day after I post. It is quick and easy and you can stay up-to-date. Make sure you come back to join me! And leave a comment or two! I'd love to hear from you about what you're doing and what you love.


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  1. I thought I would mention for FHE we like using the Nursery manuel. It works great for the little kids and the lessons are already planned out for you. Don't have a manuel? That's ok just find it on line. Quick lessons and it doesn't matter if they just did it in nursery because they have the attention spans of goldfish!
    Good Luck!