Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY Children's Bookcase

For my spring break, I decided to get a few things "organized". One of those things was my little man's books!
I have always loved these forward facing bookcases. So simple and cute.
And since my little man has a shelf of books....
A bin of books in our family room....
and a bin of books in "storage", I thought it might be nice to have a place he can see them and enjoy them.

Supplies Needed:
Large Box
2 dowels
Mod Podge

I started with this great printer box. Our printer gave up on use a month or so ago. This has been a great fort for the little guy and dad, but shall be a bookcase!
The plus side, I didn't have to buy anything else! I had all the supplies on hand.
I took a knife and cut the shape I wanted.
Then I took fabric and Mod Podged it to the box. You could do the inside also, but I didn't have enough fabric. (I just used some scrap fabric.)
Take some dowels and cut them the length that you need. I used for so that I would have 3 shelves. You could use 5 or 6 for more shelves.
Punch holes in the side of your box and make sure your dowels hang out slightly. You don't want the books to snap your dowels.
Now pick your shelf fabric.
Drape it over your dowels so you know where you need to make you dowel slots. Then sew across your slots. I doubled my fabric so it would be stronger and I'd have the pattern on the outside and inside.
Slide your dowels through.
And your done!! Now add books.
Isn't it cute!
I love to see all the books from the front. And it is the perfect size for my little man.
He came right in and picked his favorite book off!
Total Cost: 1 Printer and about $2.50 for the dowels!!
Of course, you could get a box for free down at your grocery store or from the office.
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  1. I love what you did with this idea! What a fun mom you are!

  2. You are in COM'S SSTS today, YAY! winks, jen

  3. Yay .. thinkin craft room organization. And I love love anything I can recycle AND save $$$ on. ea your a good Mom to have lil man first and scrappin next.

  4. Great idea! Might have to do this with one of our moving boxes!

  5. I want 2 of these for my kids' rooms! I am featuring this at

  6. BRILLIANT! I'll never look at a cardboard box the same! I might make one of these for each room! Much better than the baskets I'm currently using since the kids can't see which books are there!

  7. Super cute idea..and looks so good for so cheap!

  8. Thanks for sharing, I just made one for my little girl :)