Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: The Great Pumpkin Pass

Halloween is a great time for some fun games.  And since little ones love hitting things and balloons, why not combine them??  So was invented "The Great Pumpkin Pass"!

You'll need some pumpkin pictures.  I just printed mine online.  You could do some coloring pages and have the kids color them first. 

Then you'll need paper plates and some glue.  Place glue in the middle of the plate.

Glue your pumpkin picture.

Add a handle.  (Tongue depressors would be better.  But apparently I don't own any?!  But I have like 50 million in my classroom!  Go figure.)

Now make sure it works.

Blow up an orange balloon and hit until your hearts content.

I just love this pose.  He looks like such a professional!  Enjoy!
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