Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days of Halloween Guest Post: Cute Halloween Costumes Ideas by Emma

Today's Guest Post is Emma on Halloween Costumes.  You should check it out.  She has some fun ideas!

Five Favorite DIY Kid’s Costumes
I love Halloween. Always have. I think one of the best things about this season is seeing how creative other people can be, especially in the realm of kids’ costumes. I spend quite a bit of time online perusing the Halloween realm, and I have selected for your enjoyment five of my most favorite do-it-yourself children’s Halloween costumes out there. Be careful—you may faint from an overdose of too much cute.

Hot Air Balloonist
Up, up, and away! This do-it yourself costume (made by Maureen, friend of Jenn at RookNo17.com) is one of the more elaborate, but it is sure to get you and your child some oohs and aahs. The basket, bought at a craft store, has the bottom cut out and is attached to an old dress to hold it up. The 36” balloon, a large advertising/decorative one, is available online.
Source: http://www.rookno17.com/2009/10/cutest-halloween-costume-maiden-voyage.html

Thing 1 and Thing 2
These costumes (and the twins in them) provide a double dose of the absolutely ADORABLE. The wigs were made by gluing a feather boa to beanie hats, the “leggings” were women’s socks with the feet cut off, and the onesies were purchased online, but you could probably easily make your own. I cannot get over how cute these little girls are! The creative mastermind behind this dynamic duo was Shelley of HowDoesShe.
Source: http://www.rookno17.com/2010/10/best-halloween-costumes-you-can-make.html

This costume would be pretty easy and inexpensive to put together; you may already have the plaid shirt, jeans, boots, suspenders, and beanie in your child’s closet. All you would have to buy would be the plastic ax. I think what gets me about this costume is the beard-beanie combination and the expression on the little boy’s face. Maybe I’m just a sucker for things like that.
Source: http://steven-nicholson.tumblr.com/post/3056309434/harryscheihing-bleuhiver-enlavidabohemia

Cute, cute, cute. So easy, too. Get a clear umbrella and tape on some paper eyes and crepe paper tentacles. If you want to go with a more ethereal, sophisticated look, the Martha Stewart version of this costume makes the tentacles out of bubble wrap.
Source: http://pinterest.com/pin/256775616223931708/

Cotton Candy
This costume from Craft with Confidence is sugar and spice and everything nice! Like the hot air balloonist costume, this one is fairly elaborate and also takes a little bit of sewing and ingenuity, but the results are sweeter than sweet.  The thin vinyl is sewn securely down onto a shirt, and whatever you do, DON’T rinse the stuffing, or all the color will come out!
Source: http://craft-with-confidence.blogspot.com/2010/10/cotton-candy-costume-tutorial.html

These costumes are just precious. What other cute costume ideas have you seen?

Emma Rae Curtis researches and writes about everything Halloween, baby costumes, Halloween costumes, makeup, party ideas, and parenting.

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