Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Guest Post from This Mom Made

Today's Guest Post is Jenny from This Mom Made. Check out her blog.  She is a great quilter and seamstress.

Hello Get Your Crap Together readers.  I’m Jenny from ThisMomMade.  Being a Mother and sewing are my two favorite things to do.  I sew just about anything from pillows to clothing for kids to clothing for me.  I also enjoy teaching others how to sew.  Today I’m going to share with you something I learned recently, but is nothing new.

Jenny from the Missouri Quilt Company does a great video tutorial on how to quilt as you go, so check out her video.  Today, I’m going to show you how I did it to make some fall placemats.  I am quite indecisive when it comes to quilting anything and this is a great way to have it quilted, but still put the focus on the simplicity of your pieced design.

Quilt As You Go Method- taken from the Missouri Quilt Company video tutorial.  

How I did it.

*First step is to cut out your batting and backing a few inches larger than you want your finished placemat.  Mine is 20” x 13” 

*Cut your strips as well according to how you would like your finished placemat to look.  My pieces are 2.5” x 20”, except the tree fabric I cut larger at 3.5” x 20”.

*Lay your backing, batting together and then place your first strip lined up with the top of your mat right side up.  Then place your second strip on the inside edge of your first strip right sides together.

*Sew through your backing, batting, and both strips ¼” (as if you were sewing the two strips together, but with a few extra layers.

*Iron each strip right side up as you go; then place the next strip on the inside edge of the last strip right sides together and continue to sew them as if you were piecing them, but with a batting and backing layer attached.

*Once all your strips are sewn on trip up your edges to be straight (my always need squaring up).

*Lastly bind your placemats with your preferred method of binding.  I have yet to find the joy in hand binding (even though it looks 100% nicer), so I just machine stitch all layers at once and call it good.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the quilt as you go method and give it a try, it goes super quick since you are piecing and quilting at the same time.  The Missouri Quilt Company has other great

tutorials that I’ve tried.  
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  1. I really need to make some place mats, I think some patchwork type ones will be great, thanks for sharing!