Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Guest Post Tammy

Today's Guest Post is my sister-in-law Tammy.  She doesn't have a public blog, but she is super creative.  She offered to do a blog post and I jumped at the chance!  She has some very fun ideas for Halloween Kids Crafts and decorating.  I told her if no one else cared, I did!  I really want to try several of these ideas.  Now I've got some great things for my list next year!!  Want to follow Tammy's great ideas?  Check her at on Pinterest.


Halloween is lots of fun for EVERYONE in our family, but especially the kids.  As a Mom, I love seeing the joy in my children's faces as we approach the holidays.  Because Halloween is at the VERY END of the month, we try to keep the "How many more days until..." question to a minimum.  We do this by keeping them busy decorating THE WHOLE month long.  I am a girl who apparently didn't get to do enough preschool and elementary school crafts and art projects, because I STILL love doing them and I am so glad that I have a 5 year old that loves doing them too.  

Most of my ideas have come from other blogs via Pinterest, so you have probably seen most of them, but here they are and I hope they will inspire you to have some creative fun with your little ghosts and goblins.

Cheese cloth and Styrofoam ball ghosts

Mini-mallow ghost

Mosaic Pumpkin and Hand Print Stem

Glue and Q-tip Skeleton

Mosaic Candy Corn

Paper Plate Ghost

Recycled Paper Bag Scarecrow

Pin the Eyeball on the Monster Game

Trick or Treat Bags

Ghost Pancakes

Mason Jar "Creepy" Lanterns

Hopefully these pictures will stir up your creativity, to make some fun Halloween memories.
Happy Haunting!

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