Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Guest Post Halloween Stamped Wreath

Today's Guest Post is Kelli from Cajun Stamping Queen.  Check out her blog.  She has some great stamping ideas!  You'll love her wreath!

Hello lovelies, today is a exciting day for me....I not only have a wonderful project for you I am also sharing this project on another blog as a guest post.  Super cool...Ok back story...

One day I was browsing through pinterest, go figure :), looking for witches boots.  I always see those ones for the tables but no way in hell am I paying that much for some when I have everything here to make my own so here I am looking for witches boots and I come across a blog called Get Your Crap Together.  She had posted a witches boot wreath last year so I clicked on it and low and behold she was advertising for guest posters to help her do her own little 31 days of Halloween this year.  She had started last year with a pirate theme but this year she wanted help and there was no theme so I thought I would send her an email and see what was involved.  Well not much involved just make something family friendly and that's it!! So I agreed and came up with this lovely new wreath for one of the doors in my house.  Don't know which one yet...

Of course keeping in the guidelines of there must be a stamped image somewhere I thought ok I will get some ribbon and stamp it... Well I have already done one of those, two years ago...paper flowers were out cause I made the one for LB last year... so what did that leave?  Fabric... Muslin to be exact  so here I go to the fabric store to purchase some muslin... Its really cheap fabric, especially since my Joannes is having a closeout sale store wide as they are moving locations in november....were getting a bigger one not losing one and I am happy about that!!!  Anyway I purchase 2 years of fabric thinking that is plenty.  Get home start stamping and ripping and tying only to realize that my wire wreath form is twice as big as I thought so I do the first row and then have to go back to the store to get more fabric.  While there the hubby says why not dye some black that would  give great contrast, so I pick up the dye while I am there as well.  Get home cut the fabric in half and dye half of it and stamp the other half.  Well I soak my fabric in twice the amount of dye than I am supposed to because I wanted it really dark and I soak it for twice as long as I am supposed to according to the directions and wouldn't you know, once it's dry it comes out plum colored not black....If anyone can give tips on dying muslin I would greatly appreciate it!!! 

Anyway it actually works and as someone once told me there are no mistakes just floppertunities!!!  So here ya go!  

The purple looks good with it!!!

See the Nevermore stamp I used on the muslin

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