Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Bouncer Re-cover

So we received this bouncer from my little sister, who got it from someone else, who probably used it for 5 children.

Let's just say, it had a lot of love!

See, even the tag on the back is thread bare.  So I thought, why not try to spare the frame, which is still in wonderful condition, and re-cover it.

Since we are having a girl, I wanted to do a gender neutral cover in case a baby boy shows up (my husband's wish) but also for future uses.
Found this very cute jungle print.  Took my 50% coupon and got a great deal.  
 Despite the fact that I had to unpick like twenty pieces of fabric, it was worth it.
I think it turned out very nice.  And we saved some great money!  I have a swing that needs a bit of re-covering also.  So I'm sure you'll see that one very soon.
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  1. I don't think one would have had to recover one of those to know it was a lot of work. Great job! Why do I feel so lazy after reading your blog?

  2. I was just in the garage attic, and seen a bouncer that was from the older kids. The frame is in good shape, so I may have to do this, so we can pass it on! Thanks for posting, ans spreading some inspiration!