Thursday, February 21, 2013


Over the past few weeks I've been doing a lot of projects at home.  It has been WONDERFUL!  I've found tons of projects on Pinterest and in Bloggersville.  The one thing I've noticed, there is TONS of inspiration, but sometimes all I want is a PATTERN!  And I don't always want to have to pay for it.  Yes, I can make my own and have oftern.  And I know as a blogger, if you work hard, you should get paid.  But from time to time, a free pattern is well deserved for you readers and pinners.  So the solution?  Get Your Crap Together's first ever Pattern Party!  

This is your opportunity to link up one of your FREE patterns to share with others.  This is a great way for you to get your name out there and your patterns out there!  If you have a sewing pattern, knitting or crocheting pattern, maybe a crafting pattern.  Whatever you enjoy creating, link your pattern up to share with others.  

The linky will be open from the 1st until the 10th of the month.  Add your pattern and link back.  At the end of the party, we will post the top 5 patterns and give you a shout out!  Horray!  Links without patterns will be deleted.  So spread the word.

Don't worry, if you don't have a pattern to share, perhaps we can find you something you want to create!  I know Pinterest is a great way to share, but sometimes it can be frustrating when you feel like you need a pattern to help you create!  Look no further then here at Get Your Crap Together!  

Now for the RULES.

1.  Please only link up 2 PATTERNS .  (As Mr. Bennett in Pride & Prejudice would say, "Let the other young ladies have time to exhibit.")
2.  Please only link up FREE patterns that you have created. Please no Etsy.  (Show your generous side.  Perhaps people will love you so much they'll visit your Shop while on your site.)
3.  Make sure to link back in your blog post to our Link Party!  That way others can enjoy what you have created and where you shared.

Simple enough right!  

Doesn't everyone love Free Stuff!!!  Oh I am so excited!

Also, don't forget to grab our button, like us on Pinterest, and follow us on blogger.  

Enjoy Pattern Making!

Come back on March 1st to get started!  And spread the word!  You've got two weeks!  I am SO EXCITED!!!!

P.S.  I'll be sharing a pattern myself.  You won't want to miss it!!!

Get Your Crap Together


  1. yay! this is exciting! I have purchased a few patterns, but part of why I sew is because I don't have a whole lot of extra money for store bought clothes..

    thanks for this awesome idea! :) :)

  2. Ky, I'm excited too! I hope you invite all your friends to participate! The more friends, the more patterns to choose from!