Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Shirred Dress with Leggings

I wanted to show off my latest project!  It is a homemade shirred dress with dyed leggings.

I did it all myself from scratch!!!  Shirred the fabric myself, created the pattern for the dress, made the leggings pattern and then dyed the leggings to match the dress fabric!!

It was a great adventure!  And I think it came out great!

I love trying new techniques and seeing how they turn out.

And I am very excited to share what I learned and how I did it!

Want to Make Your Own??
Check out HERE how to make the Shirred Dress.  I put together a little tutorial.
Check out HERE how to make and dye your own leggings.  

Remember our FIRST EVER Pattern Party starts FRIDAY!!!!

I plan to share how I put together this great outfit with you and even share a pattern with you!  We will also be having a GIVEAWAY!  You don't want to miss.  So make sure you check back next week for more fun and excitement!!!

For more details, or to grab our Pattern Party Button check out this POST!!!

See, so cute!  The bodice looks a bit stretched in this photo, but that is because of the hanger.  


  1. Nice job!! The shirring looks like you've done it before!

    Did you wind the elastic thread in your bobbin? I made a shirred top when I worked for a sewing machine store ... I got to use the $10K machine that makes bobbin work easy peasy. Too bad I can't afford the machine myself!!

  2. i love how it turned out! totally cute model too- I have done smocking before, but never shirring.

  3. Hilary, I just wound the elastic around the bobbin. I have a tutorial I'll be putting up next week that has a great link on how to wind the bobbin. I didn't have any problems at all. I was a bit worried. It was super fun!

  4. Shirring is the bomb dot com and this fabric works perfect for shirring. I have tried dyeing before it never turns out right. Do you have an hints for getting such a nice color?
    Your website is super cute! We will be following you to see what you will be making next.
    We have some baby girl and toddler sewing projects on our blog that you might want to check out.
    Great Job,
    ~Scary, Shaffer Sisters

  5. This is such a cute little outfit! Great work!