Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Organize Me: I Spy Totes

I Spy Tote Bags

Comes in 3 sizesSmall 7 1/2" x 7", Medium 10 1/2" x 10", and Large 15 x 14 1/2".

Now why are these so great?  Well, you can store all sorts of items, but still know what is in the bag.  I love drawstring totes, but sometimes I forget what is stored in them.  Now, all you do is check the "window" and you know right away.

I love to use these to store stickers or small drawing tools like crayons or pencils. 
Or store playing cards!!  Now you won't lose them but you also have a great way to see what game you are choosing.
A great way to store children's toys, big or small.  Like cars, blocks or books.
How about shoes?  Store different sizes in different bags.

A simple tool, but a great benefit for storage and organization!  

Want the pattern?  Get it HERE!!!

As you are working to get organized this summer, I've got some other great ideas in our Etsy Shop.

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This is a great project to start with to get ready for our Linky Party starting at the end of June!!  Come and share your organization projects with everyone!

What will you use your I Spy Totes for?

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