Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Sewing School


At the end of last school year, I decided to put in my resignation.  I have taught high school for 7 years and I really love it, but it was time for a change.  I have two little ones at home and wanted to make sure I was devoting more time to them.  

So to help supplement our income, I decided to open a kids summer sewing camp.  It was a success and so much fun!  We converted our front bedroom into a "classroom".

Below are the projects the students did.  These are children ages 7 to about 15.  We had a great time and they learned a lot.  Many of the projects are available in my Etsy Shop, in case you were wondering. 


These are "make-up bags".  We made them with the pencil pouch pattern in the Back 2 School Pattern Pack.  We just boxed the edges.
This is one of the Art Kits, also available in the Back 2 School Pattern Pack.  I think of all my student projects this was the most popular.


A simple notebook cover.  We did them for composition notebooks and for spiral notebooks.  The kids really enjoyed these.

The Pocket Pillow.
They really enjoyed matching fabrics...and some note so much!


The Pleatly Please Purse/Sidebag
I love this one!  It makes a great sidebag.  I have a couple students do these.  They worked really hard and they turned out so good.

Kids Apron
(On Sale NOW for only $2.50 until 8/24)
This one is so cute.  The gal below is 10.  It is really a great size for ages 3-10.
Overall, I will say I was super impressed!  These kids really enjoyed sewing (even the ones that rolled their eyes when their mom told them they were taking a sewing class).  I hope to keep teaching.  It is in my blood!!

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