Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Children's Clothing Series: Denim Patch Pockets Tutorial


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I thought I'd share a little tutorial on how to make your own patch pocket on the back of jeans.  It is super easy and you can make whatever shape or style you want.
First, cut your pieces into the shape you want.  I made rectangles and then pressed the top and side seams down a 1/2".  Then I brought my bottom edges up to form a point.  You could fold again and make a dull point or whatever you want.
This is the front view.
Next, and this is the important part.  Double thread your machine with two matching threads.  I used a white, but notice I have two of them and they both go through the same needle.  This makes for a nice thick stitch.  That is what makes it look professional and keeps them from coming off.


You are going to need to stitch around your pocket and the all the stitches at the top of your pocket before you put it on your pants.  Stitch them at about 1/4" from the edge.  You can see that below.  Pin your pocket to the pants and topstitch on the edge of the pocket all the way around.  

At the two top corners make sure you tack them down.  
Here is a close up.  You want to sew a little square all the way around so that the pocket corners are reinforced.

And there you have some denim patch pockets!  
You could also purchase some jean pocket tacks, but that is up to you.

Now go sew some pockets!  And sign up for our Giveaway!!

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