Thursday, September 5, 2013

FLIP: Study Hall Jacket

First of all, I have had a TON of fun with this pattern.  I was lucky enough to tester this summer.  I was super excited to make this pattern again for my 3 year old.  

As I was thinking about how to change up this pattern and make it fun for my little man, I decided on ZIPPERS!  My son really loves zippers.  He has just learned how to zip and unzip.  So I thought perfect, I'll add a zipper down the hood.

I wanted the outside to be plan but have some fun on the inside with the print.  So he could have a more "formal" look sometimes but fun too!  He loves pirates, so this fabric was a stellar choice for us.  And the hood, when unzipped, lays nice and flat and shows of the print.

Here is a picture zipped.
And unzipped.
Now, how to do it!

Materials Needed:
Study Hall Jacket Pattern
20 inch zipper


First, cut out your hood.  You'll need it in main fabric and lining fabric.
Sew main fabric and lining with right sides together on JUST the straight seam at the face.  You'll do your left side and then your right side.
Open up one side of your hood, pin your zipper down with teeth facing into the hood.  Then place your other side of the hood on top.
Stitch it down like above.  Then do the opposite side of the hood.

Turn each side right side out.
It should look like this.

Now zip them together and you are ready to attach them to your jacket.  You can just cut the extra of your zipper off once you've attached it to your jacket.
Unzipped!  Super cute and a fun little twist.

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  1. What a fun 'twist.' We are still working on "zipper mastery", and have a ways to go :)! Thanks for linking up in "Flip this Pattern"...

  2. Your flip is so fun and creative. I naver imagine zipper at the hood.
    It's awesome idea!

  3. Great idea! And I love the pirate fabric too :)

  4. This is so cute. I love the zipper down the back. What a great little boy look!