Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Project Sewn: Fashion Idols Challenge

This is the first time I have actually decided to sew along with Project Sewn.  I am a little nervous because sewing for myself is not nearly as fun as sewing for my kids!!  Plus, sizing for myself is not nearly as fun either.

So I decided on Jennifer Aniston as my Fashion Icon.  
She is casually comfy most of the time.
Me too!!!


So for my design, I went with Sew Much Ado's Seafarer Top.
I've had the pattern for a little while, but finally decided I needed to use it!

Then I paired it with the Infinity Top.  This one is so versatile.  I cut down the sides a bit but still like the look.  I used a Burnout knit and love the finished look.

For the pants, I used a McCall pattern.  Didn't love the fit to changed it quite a bit.  But love the front pockets.  Overall, I am happy with the look.  I love me some neutral colors.  It works out really nicely.

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  1. Love the white pants....and your hair looks awesome.