Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Some fun News......

Excited to tell you that pattern #3 is in the works.  :)  Should be releasing in April sometime.

(PS  They will be shorter, just getting the kinks out)

For this pattern we are having a naming competition!!!  The first round of the competition was on our Facebook page.  Fans submitted ideas.  We picked 5.  Now you get to vote for which you love the most!!!

What should we name our new girls shorts pattern? free polls 

In other news......

Coming Soon

Image Map

Very excited about that!!!


I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Stephaine over at Swoodson Says!
Weaddit liebster award Friday Favorites 3.21.14

The idea behind the award is encourage friendships and new readers from one small blog to another.  I answer 5 questions and give 5 facts about myself and then nominate others to do the same.  So......

What’s your favorite crafting medium? Least favorite? Is there one you have zero desire to try?
I would have to say that sewing is my favorite!  Can you tell?  I love to sew for my kids, my house, myself, gifts!  It is endless.  My least favorite is probably any type of ceramic/painting.  I am not that talented.  I think I'd be willing to try anything, but I may not like or excel at it.

Which TV show have you enjoyed recently?
Since my children at very small (4 years and 1 year) I watch a lot of their shows.  :)  So does Sofia the First count?  No?  If I can slip in an hour for myself, I usually love shows like Bones, NCIS or Criminal Minds. 

If you could get a college/university/technical/fashion school degree  for free, what field of study would it be in?
I would love to study Fashion Design.  I was a little late on the bandwagon when I got my degree and so wasn't able to get into the program at my school.  I did the next best thing which was Family & Consumer Science.  Got to sew, but also cook, manage money and child development.

What is your least favorite current fashion trend?
The peplum.  I know, people will hate me.  But really, it is not a very flattering look.  I don't understand it, but you are more then welcome to wear it.  But you won't see me doing it.  :)

Tell me your favorite project or topic that you’ve blogged about!
I have a lot of favorite blogs post or projects!  But I'll try to narrow it down.
DIY Children's Bookcase---Super fast, super fun and totally functional
Diagonal Maxi Skirt Tutorial--So easy and really comfy
Baby Series--It was fun to have blogging friends over for some baby fun and projects

Some Random Facts About Me

My Family from GYCT

1.  I taught high school Family and Consumer Science (aka Home Ed) for 7 years!  Yep, I said high school.  14-18 year olds.  And I LOVED it!

2.  I grew up in Arizona but now live in Idaho.  Can you say "climate change"?  I hate the cold and love the heat.  Still!!  After living here for 14 years!!!

3.  My favorite color is green.  I usually will always pick a shade or tint of green for a project, banner or button.  I have to make myself pick other colors because everything would be green.

4.  When I am not blogging, sewing or playing with the littles, I love reading Young Adult Novels.  It is an addiction really.  I especially love fantasy or sci-fi.  Weird right?  I know.  My husband thinks so too.  And let me say this, Vampire books.  I loved them WAY before Twilight came out.  I do enjoy Twilight, but I have been reading them for a LONG time.

5.  In high school, I was a Balloon Artist.  What is that?  Well, I use to go into restaurants and make balloon animals for the kids and families while they waited for their food.  NO...I did not dress up like a clown.  But I made decent money and only worked a day or two during the week.  Jealous?  

I Nominate the Following for the Liebster Award:

Jessica at Make Me Crafty

1.  Who is your "blog"spiration?  What blogs do you follow and love?
3.  Why do you enjoy blogging?
4.  What is your dream vacation?
5.  What color is your toothbrush?  Or do you have a character toothbrush?
6.  What advice would you give to someone just starting their blog today?



  1. I too love young adult books! ESPECIALLY the sci-fi and fantasy ones. And yep read vampire books long before Twilight too. We're book reading twins!

    1. Ula, I am glad to have a book reading twins!! It is fun to have new friends with similar interests.

  2. Those shorts are cute! Excited to see your final version.

  3. Ah thank you for the nomination, I am seriously honored :)
    I love those shorts-they are adorable!