Thursday, April 3, 2014

Our Baby Boom Sewing

We are in the midst of a Baby Boom in our family! We've had TONS of babies born in the last few months.  So of course, I've needed to make so "baby things".  Naturally, right?!  Any excuse to sew  :)

Peekaboo Lullaby Sleep Sack by GYCT

My sister-in-law requested a sleeping sack for her new little baby that was just born last week!!  (So happy that baby finally came out!  Giving her momma grief already.)  So I decided to use Peek-a-Boo Patterns Lullaby Line.  Which I will say is AMAZING!  No really it is awesome!  Don't believe me still?  Check out the Lullaby Bodysuit and Lap Tee and the Lullaby Pants that we sewed up earlier this year.  LOVE THEM!!  Or even check out our Guest Post from Amy about what she sewed up her little man!

Peekaboo Lullaby Sleep Sack by GYCT

I made two of the Lullaby Sleep Sacks, one for a baby niece and one for a baby cousin.  I used a anti-pill fleece I found at JoAnn's.  The hardest part was getting a long enough zipper.  I found them online so I had to wait a few days for those to come in.  So make sure you order your zippers early!!  Otherwise, so fast and super cute.  And so soft!  The mamma's loved them!

Also made the Lullaby Hat and Mittens for each of them.  Thought they turned out pretty dang cute.  And so little!!!!  I love the mittens.  I wish I had this pattern with my last baby.  She was always scratching her face.  But I will be all prepared the next time around.

Peekaboo Lullaby Sleep Sack by GYCT

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