Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PR&P: Denim Challenge

This weeks Project Run and Play challenge was denim.  I didn't want to do the traditional jeans or jackets.  So I decided on some colored stretch denim.  I love colored denims.  Really makes an outfit sturdy but gives it a little bit of character.

For the skirt I used Violette Fields Threads Whitney Skirt.  It is super cute.  Of course my not quite 2 year old who happens to be super tiny, doesn't fit perfect in the outfit.  She is a little short and not quite round enough.  But I know in the spring it will fit nicely.  For the top I started with Peekaboo Patterns Oxford Top.  I upcycled an old shirt of mine.  Thought it turned out cute.  Again, did a size 2 so she can wear it again in the spring.  Can't believe how cold it got so fast here.

I think they turned out pretty cute.  Maybe not my favorite, but still adorable.  Probably because I love that model.  

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  1. What nice, colored stretch denim you used for the skirt! It really holds the pleat well. Love, Momma Shaffer

  2. That's almost the same color of denim that I used. It's a classic style of a skirt... good job.

  3. The skirt looks great--nice that she'll be able to wear it for a while! The blouse is an awesome upcycle too.

  4. Love that color! I love pleated skirts too!