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Easy DIY Halloween Treat Bags from The Stitchin' Mommy

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Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Treat Bags

When throwing a Halloween bash, sometimes it can get kind of hectic and really expensive. For our parties, we try to make everything quick and easy to put together. That is why I especially love these quick and super easy DIY Halloween Treat Bags. They are the perfect little treat to give to your party guests and they are really fun and cute. You can get really creative with these too. Here's what you will need:


  • 4x6 Clear Treat Bags
  • Ribbon in assorted colors, cut into 6" pieces
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Assorted Candy (I used M&Ms and Mini Marshmallows but any kind of candy would work)
Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Treat Bags


First decide what kind of character treat bags your are going to make. For this example, I made Jack-o'-lanterns and ghosts. You can also get creative and make a Frankenstein monster or any other type of monster. Using your Sharpie, draw the faces onto the treat bags, making sure to draw them closer to the bottom portion of the bag (you will see why later.) Set them aside for a few minutes to allow them to dry.
  Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Treat Bags

 Now fill your bags with your colored candy (orange candies for the pumpkin, white marshmallows for the ghost) and tie them off with your ribbon. Once you secure the top of the bags, you will see that the treat bag bunches up at the top. If you draw your face closer to the top of the bag, it will be cut off or scrunched up so no one will see it.
  Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Treat Bags

 Now all you have to do it set these cute little treats out for your guests and party the night away! These cute little treats take just minutes to make and are a great way to be creative without spending a ton of money on treats! Enjoy!  
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