TMNT Halloween Costume for Halloween Hacks Blog Tour

TMNT Halloween Costume by GYCT Designs

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday.  Why?  I honestly can't say.  Maybe it is the fact that you get to dress up and see everyone in their costumes.  Maybe it is the yummy sweet treats.  Maybe it is getting to stay up a little later and be with friends and family.  I don't really know, but I do know I love it.  

TMNT Halloween Costume by GYCT Designs

So naturally, when Swoodson Says asked if I'd be part of their Halloween Hack Tour I said YES! And got right to work thinking.

I knew when I had my own kids they would have to have awesome costumes.  I am pretty sure I pulled it off this year.  Not that they haven't had great costumes in the past.  I mean last year I LOVED their costumes.  My son's costume from the year before was great too.  But this year, I can't get enough of my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

TMNT Halloween Costume by GYCT Designs

Okay, enough about how much I love it and more on how I accomplished it.  First, you'll need The Winter PJ's from Peekaboo Patterns. You'll love this pattern.  How do I know?  Well, just check out our Christmas PJ's or last years PJ's post.  They should convince you.  I like using pj patterns for Halloween, because then we can get more use out of the costume than just one night.

TMNT Halloween Costume by GYCT Designs

So how did I do it?  

I cut out the pj's and then cut strips of whatever color ninja turtle I was working on.  Two strips for the width of the sleeve and two for the width of the pants.  Then I stitched the strips down at where the elbow would belong and at the knee.  Since I used a knit fabric I didn't finish the edges, but you could.

TMNT Halloween Costume by GYCT DesignsTMNT Halloween Costume by GYCT Designs

For the shell front, I created a little Shell Template.  You can grab your own copy HERE.  You might need to scale the pattern up or down depending on the size of your kiddo. 

 Trace your pattern onto a piece of Wonder Under (grab some HERE on Amazon).  Then I ironed the Wonder Under to a piece of yellow flannel fabric.  Then cut out the template.  Now it was ready to be ironed onto my shirt front.

TMNT Halloween Costume by GYCT Designs

Once you have applied your color strips and your shell on, just sew up the pattern as instructed.  Now you have yourself a ninja turtle!!

TMNT Halloween Costume by GYCT Designs

If you want to make the tutus for your "girly ninja turtles", check out this post for a tutorial.

TMNT Halloween Costume by GYCT Designs

You also probably want a shell for the littles to wear on their backs.  

TMNT Halloween Costume by GYCT Designs

Here is a quick tutorial on how to put your own shells together.

TMNT Shell Tutorial from GYCT Designs

1.  Cut out shell.  Cut an oval shape front and back and a long strip of fabric to use for straps.  I used fleece, but your could use something else.  Each of my shells were slightly different sizes based on the child wearing the outfit.  I used their pj tops to help me decide how large I could make the shell.

2.  Create the straps.  Stitch along the long edge of the strip of fabric.
3.  Turn the straps right side out.
4.  Attach straps.  Cut down your straps so they can go across and around your shell.
5.  Place the other side of the shell over the front and the straps.  Pin in place.  Stitch around the entire shell, but leave about 3-4 inches at the bottom to stuff.
6.  Turn your shell right side out.
7.  Stuff your shell.
8.  Using thread, stitch your shell design onto your shell.  You could do this after step one, but I like how 3D the effect of stitch afterward looks.
9.  You're finished!  Go try it on that ninja

TMNT Halloween Costume by GYCT Designs

Scavenger Hunt!

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A big thank you to all the sponsors who donated prizes!

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  1. They turned out so great, and look super comfy! Thanks for sewing along!

    1. Thanks for the invite Stephanie. Totally love the outcome.

  2. I love these! The tutu is a nice touch:) I also love that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still around.
    Thank you for linking to my link party!