Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to Add Applique to Tees and Tops

Any tee is better with a fun little design or applique.  I tend to use the Tinley Tee or Rival Raglan PDF Patterns.  But any tee would work.  So lets give you some tips and tricks to help you make that new top a little more interesting.

Okay, first you need to decided what type of applique and design you plan to use.

Methods for Applique

Freezer Paper Stenciling
This is a great and cheap method for adding a design applique.  I guess it isn't technically "applique" since you aren't sewing.  However, you can add designs to tops easily with freezer paper and a little paint.  We've done this several times here on the blog.  Check out THIS tutorial on how to use freezer paper.

Butterfly Fabric by GYCT  Halloween Pajamas with FREE Bat Template from GYCT

Sewing Machine Applique
I love doing applique designs with my sewing machine.  Such a simple way to add a design without needing a special machine.  Simply decide on your design and sew it to your top.  Check out this tutorial on how to do some simple applique designs.

Cupcake Top by Sewing Mama RaeAnna at GYCT  

Embroidery Machine Applique
Obviously you will need an embroidery machine to do this one.  So go put it on your wish list.  I did, and that is how I finally got mine this past Christmas.  I have the Brother pe770 (affiliate) which is pretty amazing.


Next, decide where you plan to place the design.  I usually will start by measuring down from the neckline 2-3 inches.  This is where the top of your applique should start.

One great method to use to find the placement, is to use a piece of paper or a sticky note to mark where the design will go.  This helps you see where it will go and decide if it is the right placement.

Once you have decided on your type of applique and your placement, now it is time to add the applique.  Happy sewing (or painting as it were)!!!!

Need some free appliques?
Princess Anna Applique
Pumpkin Applique
Tiger and Duck Applique
Reindeer Jammies
Ninja Turtle Applique
Princess Applique
Bat applique
Turtle Shell

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Tinley Tee Sewalong by GYCT Designs

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