Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sewing a Knit Neckband

Sewing a Knit Neckband by GYCT Designs

Sewing a neckband into a knit top or dress is probably one of the hardest parts of sewing with knit fabric.  That isn't meant to scare you.  It is actually a very simple step, but does take a little practice.  Anytime you sew with knit, or stretch, fabrics you want to make sure not to overstretch your fabric.  However, with the neckband you do want to stretch a bit so that it fits nicely onto the top or dress.

Now, our Tinley Tee pattern has you attach the top in a very simple, beginner way.  But some people don't like that method.  This method below is more traditional and great for sewists that like a little more of a challenge.

Step 1
Sew both of your front and back shoulder seams together.  You'll also want to sew your neckband piece in half and stitch together your short sides.  You should have a "circle" now out of your neckband.
Sewing a Knit Neckband by GYCT Designs

Step 2
Fold your neckband in half, with wrong sides together.  Pin the seam of your neckband to one of your shoulder seams. continue pinning your neckband around the neck of your pattern.  Stretch slightly as you go.  I like to pin at each quarter of the neckband so it is even. 
Sewing a Knit Neckband by GYCT Designs

Step 3
With your zigzag stitch, stitch the neckband to the neck.  Stretch the NECKBAND a little as you go.  Don't stretch the top neck or you'll have a crazy neckline.

Sewing a Knit Neckband by GYCT Designs

Step 4
Press your raw edges of your neckband down flat.  Using a double needle or zigzag, stitch around the neckband seam so the raw edges lay flat.

Sewing a Knit Neckband by GYCT Designs

Step 5
Press well.  Tada!  You are done!

Sewing a Knit Neckband by GYCT Designs

See, that wasn't so bad!  You have your own professional looking top now.  Isn't life great!!

Sewing a Knit Neckband by GYCT Designs

 Don't forget to join in our Tinley Tee Sew-a-long over in our GYCT Facebook Group.  We will have several winners and free stuff to give away!!!  Grab the Tinley Tee HERE.
Tinley Tee Sewalong by GYCT Designs


  1. And to think I've been STRESSIN' over NOT having any "ribbed" knit for collars on 3 t-shirts!!! You ROCK my morning!!!

    1. Chelle, glad to help! I don't often use a rib knit. If I have a nice stretch in my interlock, I will use that. The only downfall is that it doesn't recover as nicely. So if your little ones pull on their necklines a lot, go with rib knit.