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A New Beginning....

The inspiration for this blog came from my sister and her dear friend (although they don't know it yet). They were trying to come up with a Relief Society theme for the year and someone jokingly suggested "Get Your Crap Together". (No, they didn't end up using this theme.) But I thought Wow! That is my kind of theme. Sometimes, especially lately, that is exactly how I've been feeling! I just need to get my crap together!! Do you feel that way? If your not sure what the symptoms are for this plague, I'll list them below...

...you seem to have misplaced your brain,
you can never remember what day of the week it is,
your not sure where your cell phone is at any given moment even when you know people are trying to call,
you stay up late just to wake up early,
the laundry is clean just not put away, your house is a constant disaster,
don't even bring up the yard, you have a pile of unfinished projects and it keeps getting higher,
your tired, your hungry, you want a nap,
you wish you could spend more time with your family, you watch to much TV, you have a mountain of books you've begun and not finished, you still haven't put the clean laundry away,
you need to exercise, you need to pinch your pennies a bit more, you wish you were younger, thinner, healthier, maybe even happier, and well, you still have a pile of LAUNDRY (although it is folded now)

...If any of these symptoms ring a bell come jump on the bandwagon! My last few years have been wonderful but I am seriously in need of a kick in the pants and chance to reorganize my life. So if you wish to journey with me...please come along for a ride. I can always use a friend, some advice, a good kick in the pants! Over the next year I plan to get my life back running smooth(er).

My Goals:

Time Management: Create a family calendar and have a personal daily planner (that I actually use), schedule in LAUNDRY

(This is an actual picture of my family calendar. I know, it looks a lot like my fridge. But if you look closely underneath the "I Like Milk" magnet...you'll see a bunch of papers, those are my "appointment" reminders. Yeah...I know.)
Organization: Organize our office space and my sewing/craft area, organize our closet and our pantry, create a Household Inventory list in case of fire, DO THE LAUNDRY, put everything back when I'm done and train the family to do the same, finish husbands scrapbook
This is the office. Scary. No wonder I haven't tackled it yet, right?!
Finances: Create a budget that is realistic and stick to it, sit down as a family and discuss long term and short term goals including vacations, large purchases, and fun activities

Food and Health: Create a monthly/weekly menu of healthy, nutritious meals; make freezer meals regularly; exercise at least 3-4 times a week (with family if possible); floss (I don't do this, my husband gets a bit upset that I don't. He is an avid flosser)

Education: Finish the books I've started before starting another, take time to read to/with family

Yard: Weed flower beds at least once every two weeks (I know that sounds lousy, but I'm luck to get 30 minutes outside before I have to come in to a crying baby)

Spiritual: Attend church as a family regularly, FHE!! (we are terrible about this one, I can always use suggestions), read from the scriptures daily, pray as a family and on my own

Service: Find time to serve others (put it on the calendar), make quilts, newborn kits, send gifts/coupons etc. to the troops

So I have one year from today to achieve my goals. I will try to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on my progress and what secrets to staying organized I've come across. I don't know what my reward should be when I achieve my goals, but I'll come up with something good. If you have any suggests please share them. I can always use a good kick in the pants. If you're with me...come on let's "Get OUR Crap Together".