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Thanks to all those who have commented and given suggestions. I love it! I'll try to incorporate all these ideas throughout the year as I get organized. But first thing first. If I'm going to get organized, I need a method to the madness. So I've purchased a planner. The downfall, it doesn't start until July!? I know weird. It was that or a calendar that was from 2009. (Seriously, I think Walmart needs to get their Crap Together. 2009 was so last year.)

So my first task is to fill out my planner with all the activities, birthday's and "stuff" for the rest of the year.
One great idea one of my professors gave us in our Home and Family Management class was using the Stephen Covey method. Every day tasks should be listed in your planner and ranked in order of importance. For instance if these were my daily tasks:

Return Library Books
Grocery Shop
Weed garden
Summer Conference Class
Call my sister
Play with Turner
Pay city bill
Read book

I'd rank them with A, B, and C. A's need to be done today. B's are important but could possibly wait. And C's would be nice to accomplish but are not vital. So...

B Laundry
A Return Library Books
B Grocery Shop
B Weed garden
A Summer Conference Class
B Call my sister
A Play with Turner
A Pay city bill
C Read book

I haven't used this method in years, however, I do rank my tasks in order of importance.

This is another method I used in college. I created a daily/weekly schedule that looks something like this...
This one is nice if I want to break up my day into hours. I used to find that I ended up with more time in the day if I had it planned out so I wouldn't forget to accomplish something. That extra time could be used to read, watch a TV show, or do another "C" activity.

So my goal for this week, is to begin to organize my planner and to begin ranking and writing down my daily activities.

When you think of an activity or task that needs to be accomplished but it isn't for a few days. Pull out your planner or calendar and pencil that item in on the day it needs to be done. This way, you know you won't forget but you don't have to worry about doing that task until the day it shows up in your planner. This has helped me in the past to stop dwelling on things I can't do for another week. Hope that it helpful!