Craftastic Tuesday: New Menu Board

I've been tired of my same old recipes and menus. So in July I put together an entire list of recipes that I regularly cook. Turns out, I have over 100 recipes that I use regularly. However, I totally forget I use them. So instead, I decided I needed a new system that I regularly see my recipes.
That's when I checked out some other blogs. I got my inspiration from A Girl with A Glue Gun (check it out here). Although my board is a little different it is the same idea. I went to a Relief Society Activity and we made these. I thought--"Perfect"!
I used Mod Podge to stick the scrapbook paper to the metal backing. I used a transparency to create my calendar. Then made each of the recipes into their own magnet.
I made one of these boxes (see here). I took the remaining recipes and months and placed them alphabetically in the box.
Then I put my new creation into my kitchen. Isn't it lovely!!!
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  1. Oh it's beautiful!! I love it...great job! :)

  2. LOVE it!!!

  3. I posted about my menu planning board today, too. I love your idea and I actually put a link in my post about your board.

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. CUTE! What a great idea! I am your newest follower! ;) Visit me at Sassy Sites!

  5. SUPER CUTE! I keep meaning to make one of these, so you have inspired me even more!