Financial Friday: Saving Money

I am not an expert on saving money. But I do have a few fun ideas on how to save money and still have fun!

Saving On Food
When I grocery shop I try to do two very basic things. One, I always make a grocery list. This helps me from buying things I don't need. It also keeps me from being in the store too long. The longer you are there, the more you are likely to buy. Two, I use coupons. I know a lot of people hate "couponing" and I don't do it like I used to. But it saves my family tons of money. I bought all of my baby's diapers in January and February when they had major diaper sales. I didn't even have my baby until March. Since then, I think I've maybe bought one package of diapers (maybe two). And I probably saved 60-70% on diapers. So, even if you hate it, just try it. I only coupon at two stores and I don't go every week. Only when the deals are good enough for my time and money. Want to get started? Check out these sites:
We also don't eat out unless we have a coupon. A great site to start with:
We also look through every coupon booklet or mailing envelope that comes in the mail. There are all kinds of savings from oil changes to % off at your favorite stores.

Saving Money on Kids
I'll admit, I only have one child. And he doesn't say a whole lot. But in my few months as a Mom I've learned a thing or two. CONSIGNMENT!! I love consignment stores. Find one in your area. The clothes are like new and you can get in store credit or cash by trading in your children's gently used clothing. Who doesn't love money!

We also got a piggy bank for our little guy from my husbands aunt. We fill the piggy bank with any change we find. Whether it is in the couch or we find in the driveway. His bank is almost full. The money from it we will use to open him a savings account. And then will keep filling the bank. It is simple, but it helps to start him on the right track.

Just Plain Saving Money
I had a great Money Management class in college. I learned a ton. Do I practice all those principles? I wish I could say yes. But I do save money. My husband and I found the best way to save money was to take it out before we ever even see it! We both have 401K's and we have Roth IRA's. The money disappears before we even have a chance to object. We also opened a Money Market Savings account. This way we get a higher interest rate, but we still have access to some of our funds. Putting away a little every month will make a huge difference in the long run. Check out the site below to help you get started:

I'm not perfect, but if I can save a buck or two, I'm a happy camper. If you have some great tips or ideas why not share!!